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Fender Blender Pro Assembly

Crewmember Maisha from the Rock The Bike events team goes step by step through the assembly of the Fender Blender Pro. For best results have your owner’s manual in addition to this video.

Packaging: 0:13

Crossbeam: 0:53

Rear Legs: 1:45

Pedals: 2:48

Wheel & Chain: 3:27

Seat Post: 5:11

Stem & Handlebars: 5:58

Blender Base: 7:03

Transportation: 7:50

Blending: 8:03

Fender Blender Pro High Performance Manual

2022 Fender Blender Pro High Performance Manual (square seatpost)

Fender Blender Pro

Anyone can do it! Get ready to blend by following our best tips.

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