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Rock The Bike

“I am a professional pastry chef and I use the Icycleta to make Gelato with guests at parties and events. Freshly churned gelato is just about the most pleasurable thing you can eat. The Icycleta churns it perfectly, not slowly like home ice cream machines and not too quickly like commercial machines.”

-Kate Zuckerman, Sweetcycle

Why stop at smoothies when you can broaden the offerings of your Fender Blender Pro to include ice cream?!

This easy accessory converts your Fender Blender Pro to an Ice Cream Bike. A simple mechanism attaches to the front of your FB Pro – requiring no tools – where it sits low enough that kids can look through the clear canister lid to see the deliciousness take shape, and interact with the pedaler at the same time. We surveyed all the canisters out there to find the sturdiest one in Amish country, where they build them of fiberglass and steel to last many summers. The Icycleta relies on the same egalitarian principles that run our Ice Cream Bike – because the muscle used to churn ice cream on a bike is the gluteus maximus, the strongest muscle in the body, biking is the most ergonomic way to make ice cream, and even children as young as 7 can savor their significant contribution to dessert.

  • The Icycleta goes on and off your FB Pro without tools.
  • Starting with a simple ice cream base (see our recipes), makes a gallon and a half of ice cream in 20 minutes of relaxed pedaling.
  • The canister, with its clear lid, sits low on the front so kids can look inside. Canisters are among the sturdiest out there – steel, with a fiberglass churn and container, built to last in Amish country.
  • The mechanism is a great intro to STEM, involving lots of physics you can demonstrate while it’s in use. People can eat ice cream, pedal, learn and teach physics, all in one place.
  • Normal pedaling moves the churn at the perfect speed for making gourmet ice cream, according to pastry chef Kate Zuckerman. Pedaling is smooth, easy, and pleasant. Gelato consistency comes together as you pedal – resistance is not huge, so just put a bigger kid on at the end. Look into the canister to see whether it’s done.
  • Great for company picnics, summer camps, birthday parties, ice cream parlors, farmers’ markets, Edible Schoolyard and farm events. One ice cream company in NY has four for party rentals – and keeps them constantly rented.

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