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Fender Blender Universale

Transform your favorite bicycle into a bike blender! Available in two sizes to fit a wide range of wheel sizes. You can have the same high power blended smoothies on your own bike. 

Wheel size is usually printed on the tire.
     Adult / Typical / Young Adult: 24 – 29″ wheels
     Child / Folding Bike: 20″ wheels 

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We want to make bike blending accessible because it’s that much fun. We get it, that’s why we made this product just for you. This is for all the school districts and homes out there that want to bike blend! 

All of our bike blenders are handmade in our own workshop. Designed and assembled with love for you to crank out the smoothies and spread the bike love in your community. 

Live outside the US? This product packs smaller and lighter that makes it great for shipping internationally. 


  • 48 oz. Pitcher, capable of making 6 smoothies in a matter of minutes! 
  • Easy to Install
  • Electricity Free
  • Made in USA with 75% Recycled Plastics

In The Box:

  • One HP Fender Blender Base
  • One Rear Rack w/parts
  • One 48 oz. RTB Blender Pitcher (48 oz. Vitamix Pitcher replacement available)
  • Stationary Stand [optional]
  • One Axle Skewer [optional]
    • Please STOP unnecessary waste! Check your bike with our chart below!


Is your bike compatible with this unit? 


Compatible Attachments:

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: The Stationary Stand for the FBU is not compatible with internal geared hubs with control cables that come out of the end of the axle or newer quick release skewers. We want you to have everything you need to get your bike making smoothies/spinning art, etc. You will not be charged for a compatible quick-release skewer, but please only order one if you need it. Do not contribute to unnecessary waste!

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More on the Fender Blender Universale!


Generator Wheel User Manual

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