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Pedal Powered Recharge Bar


Conferences are all about sharing knowledge and connecting with other people, and these activities increasingly rely on handheld mobile devices that require power. The Pedal Powered Recharge Bar is a digital watering hole where creative minds come together to network and collaborate, all while getting some exercise and making sure their essential tools remain up to the task. 

The Recharge Bar is what happens when you bring an intention of recharging your people with a pleasant and practical light workout. Normally this looks like multiple Recharge Stations and offer some refreshments — water works fine! It is an inherently social activity. Without needing to switch to workout clothes, people can get their blood flowing. It’s casual and oh so appreciated by people who’ve been on the feet or sitting down all day. 

The Recharge Bar lends itself to the kind of serendipitous human connection that is often sacrificed when we are focused on our own screens. While pedaling power back into these devices, conversations easily strike up between riders and others. Before you know it, the machines that normally separate them from one another have brought them back together!





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Recharge Stations work best in break areas or in beautiful park settings that lead to the conference, but hopefully with the foot traffic to reach the social potential. Establishing an attractive sanctuary for your guests will ensure that they keep coming back throughout the conference.

Technically speaking, we have simper and more complex ways of setting up a multi-bike Pedal Power area at your event. On the simple side would be multiple Recharge Stations that aren’t connected. Each one powers itself. These can each charge up to 10 USB devices including all the latest phones. What makes this a Recharge Bar is the care and fun of our team and the social nature of being near others as you have the eye opening experience of charging something with your own human power.

On a medium level of complexity would be linking the bikes to a central display / counter. We can provide the display, or you can even link our bikes to your software. This can be beneficial if you are highlighting your own software and want to, say, use data from pedal power to showcase the versatility of your displays and engines. We have worked with major names including IBM. We provide a Serial Data stream.

And finally it is possible to link and use the excess power of the pedalers to send out some grooves to a social space with a DJ rig. If people are only charging 1 or 2 phones each (like theirs and a friend’s) they often have extra power to offer. You can rout that extra power into a DJ Booth and send out some bumpin’ music while offer pedalers a pleasant level of pedaling resistance. We can provide the DJ or work with your DJ.

Whatever fits your goals and style, having our team coach riders at your event means we’ll be there to help people on and off bikes and give them refreshments. It’s just the thing to help break the ice and get a maximum response.

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Rates start around $2500/day for a crewed Recharge Bar (less if you want only a single Recharge Station). If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire our team, we do offer lower cost rentals of the same equipment. You can rent the Recharge Station for $600/day.

Location & Shipping

As with all of our crewed events, this service is subject to availability and possibly travel expense. Please use the form linked below to tell us about your event so that we can get you a quote inclusive of travel.

Special note: discounts are available for non-profits and K-12 schools.

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