Rock The Bike
Roll Up Generator Stand

“The Roll Up Generator stand was a big success at my event because cyclists were able to bike to the location and then set up their own bicycle to participate in generating power! I personally enjoyed being able to sit on my own bike saddle and power the speakers while also doing what I love.” – M. Lani

Roll your bike on up to this sturdy stand, engage the generator, and voila! — you are immediately ready to create some serious pedal power!

Designed for continuous all-day use at events, this DC power generator stand is an efficient yet affordable way to get the Rock the Bike level of performance for one or many riders. Get several stands to involve local team members and volunteers who can bring their own bikes to an event.

Our child-sized version makes a good choice for teachers who want to do a demonstration of alternative energy in the classroom. Unique among every available bike generator, the Roll Up features a clear window where you can see magnets on the moving part spin past coils on the fixed part. That’s where muscle effort converts to electricity, and you can show it to your students!

The ride is easy on your bike, and easy on your body. While other bike generators shred tires, whine with inefficiency and aren’t nearly as fun to pedal, we engineered the Roll-Up with a four-times-bigger roller that both positively grabs your tire and creates a flywheel effect to smooth out generation.

The large contact patch formed between the 6” roller and your tire means less roller pressure is required to maintain contact. You won’t see any deformation of the tire. More of your good clean Pedal Power goes into the device you’re powering.

We make our rollers out of our own gritty composite similar to the concrete that tires were designed to roll on—producing a smooth, quiet, efficient ride.

  • Clear, built-in indicators show when you’re using it correctly: LEDs inside the DC generator glow at 12-24 volts.
  • The generator is designed to accept more power than humans can generate, so the Roll Up never gets hot.
  • Highest power capacity tire-rolling dynamo on the market.
  • Almost any kind of bike works, see the requirements here.
  • Standard model fits 24”, 26”, 29” and 700c wheels; small model fits 20” wheels.
  • Use your bike gears to adjust level of challenge.
  • For group events, pair your Roll Ups with a range of bike sizes to fit a variety of riders.
  • Generates 0 – 30v DC  Anderson connector output.
  • Using a 21-speed bicycle or higher will give you the greatest range of output voltages.
  • The Roll Up is not a complete activity — you’ll still need something to power.

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