Rock The Bike

I’ve been to many Rock The Bike events with music and they always have a great lighting component which is a great way to keep the audience in touch with the energy being used.  The custom lighting pulses to the music and the people on the bikes get to become a part of the spectacle.  It’s such an awesome feeling to see a visual representation of the literal leg work that goes into pedal powering a system!  – Jared M.

We work with you to design single or multi-rider crowd-generating games with tailored lighting displays.

Custom creations and installations all use the same components: bike, lights, and circuit, but instead of the light tower that’s standard with the sLEDgehammer, we build lights and programs tailored to your event, activity or facility.

Starting with our sLEDgehammer circuit, we can optimize many parameters to gear the activity to your situation and imagination, from lighting up a logo to creating a fireworks-style light extravaganza. Custom solutions can be configured for both one-time events and semi-permanent installs.

We’ll begin by working with you to design and implement your vision. We then provide either full installation and crew at your location, or help and guidance for your crew prior to the event.

Recommendations for output devices, i.e. light:

Please see  “Rules of the Game” on the sLEDgehammer page. There are two lighting segments of a sLEDgehammer game — the Challenge Phase and the Reward Sequence. To make the Challenge Phase truly challenging, you need to connect at least 200 Watts of lighting, perhaps as much as 500 Watts for the fittest riders. In our standard tower-based sLEDgehammer, this difficulty range is pre-programmed and can be adjusted within the range by dialing a knob.

When we custom design a lighting system with you, we’ll be working on creating something unique for both of these phases. We can mix and match LEDs, incandescents, and halogens to achieve different lighting effects, educational aspects (because of how much harder it is to pedal the same amount of light out of the latter two bulb types) and artistic impressions.  

  • Great for both one-time events and continuous use
  • For one or more pedalers
  • Can be added to a sLEDgehammer you already have
  • Use any kind, color or style of bulbs
  • We can supply the crew or help yours
  • We love wild, ambitious ideas and simple ones, too. Just give us a call or send an email to start the conversation.