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Pedal Powering your next music event taps you into the magic of community power, the cleanest and best source of event power currently available. Your audience will be part of the spectacle as musicians send their good vibrations out to a broad area, improving the atmosphere at your event. We use world class sound reinforcement tools, customized for optimal efficiency, to achieve a remarkable amount of sound with the available Pedal Power. It’s a whole new way of connecting with music; participants get the satisfaction of supporting the musicians, who feed off their energy in more ways than one. Our system includes ‘coaches’ who stoke the pedalers and help them on and off bikes safely, as well as smart LED displays that show system conditions and turn your audience into a sophisticated distributed power system, a living, breathing, sweating example of alternative energy in action.

  • Fitness and fun for your audience. Effort levels adjust automatically to individual riders, regardless of ability and age. Kids can pedal alongside their parents.
  • When it’s set up properly with enough bikes and plenty of pedalers, it feels like ‘around town’ biking. People won’t be sore the next day but they’ll be buzzing with excitement for what they achieved together.
  • Good for promotion. You’ll see more buzz before, during, and after your event thanks to the novelty and good feelings of Pedal Power. Local media and social media coverage well beyond traditional stages. Like bringing a well-known band to your event.
  • Better for the party — with so much movement and activity around our stage, Pedal Power gets the party started sooner.
  • Off grid — think beyond the extension cord to magical forest venues!
  • Caring audio technicians consistently praised by bands and fans for providing optimal sound without ear-splitting feedback or excessive levels. No earplugs needed!
  • Bike Roadies transport our gear to local events. 

Specifically catered to the Live PA performance artist. Cello Joe lives by the words, “Make the world your stage.” Our most popular, simplest, lightest and most affordable Pedal Powered Stage package.

Power up a live band. A robust system designed for a live band, complete with AC power, for instruments such as amps, keyboards, and effect pedals.

Power up a live band. A robust system designed for a live band, complete with AC power, for instruments such as amps, keyboards, and effect pedals.

Make history.











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Since 2007, we’ve been working with our event partners to make Pedal Power a reliable choice for larger and larger audiences. Since the standard tools for event sound reproduction are designed for situations with essentially unlimited power, we have had to pick ours carefully, modifying, beautifying, and optimizing them to get the most sound from the available Pedal Power.

We’ve developed custom circuitry to show people how hard to pedal, displays that celebrate the group’s accomplishment of energy saved, a Line Array rig capable of being transported by bike, and bikes sized for kids. We know how much power we can expect from different age groups, and this helps us involve kids, teens, and adults, so we can truly welcome all in a community effort.

Our full system has 30 bikes and can hold down the power and audio needs for a 3,000-person audience. We also have 1-Bike systems that are great for an outdoor press conference, and everything in between.


“I just wanted to thank you so much for working with us and UCLA Jazz Reggae for the Earth Day fair, the bike was a huge success and everyone loved it! It was SO easy to put together, it was amazing how little time it took to get our booth going.  We had a great time and so many people actually wanted to buy their own smoothie bike for their homes. I think you may be already in contact with them, but now Ecochella wants to use them as well, and we would definitely recommend them for anyone planning an event here at UCLA.” – Madeline B., UCLA

“We loved the music this year and saw so many kids involved, nice!” – Louise G., Producer, Maker Faire. RTB received 3 Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbons.

“Was a milestone event for me… Got me into biking in general, and then totally hooked on bike parties. Thanks so much to the Rock The Bike crew for all the hard work in making this happen.”  – Mark H., attendee of the 2012 SF Bicycle Music Festival (100% Pedal Powered!)

“I was one of your human generators at Pedal Fest. I really loved the shows. It was amazing and inspiring! I am so happy you exist and am really looking forward to future bicycle music festivals. Keep rocking!” – Simon L.

“I appreciate all your planning and preparation and working with me and Bike East Bay to make Session Fest the success it was!. We met and exceeded many of our goals, including ticket sales, donations, and making the event feel like not just a beer festival but a celebration of biking in the East Bay. ” -Caitlin G.




  • Pedal Powered Stage: TBD
  • El Arbol: $2,400
  • El Arbol + Aerial Performance: $3,400
  • Blue Whale: $1,250
  • One Bike, One Speaker: $1,250
  • DJ Booth: $2,000

To do our best work, we need to know about your event. We calibrate our sound system and choose the number of bikes based on your audience size and age group. With your info we can offer our assurance that we’ll reach the entire audience with clean, clear, thumpin’ sound.

Please give us as much advance notice as possible. Our calendar fills quickly at certain times of year.  

Special note: discounts are available for the Climate Justice movement and K-12 schools.

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