Rock The Bike

“The new unit works great!  Setup is easy, the circuitry is reliable and the kids are having a great time figuring out that energy doesn’t just come out of thin air! Thanks for a great product!  We’re looking forward to rocking the bike all over the country this year.”
– Ryan Thompson, Mobile Ed Productions

An interactive challenge that harkens back to the classic carnival Sledgehammer game. Contestants’ pedaling powers a graduated light display with a beautiful “gong” at the top.

The sLEDgehammer is visible, motivating and engaging from anywhere in the venue. It’s an incredibly unique way to get your event participants cheering and bought-in. Variable difficulty makes it suitable for all kinds of people, and the challenge of hitting the victory light sequence keeps the crowds coming back all day long.

The sLEDgehammer can be purchased as a single-player (one tower), dual-player (two towers), or multi-player activity.

Rules of the game
Pedalers must overcome the Challenge Phase in order to see the reward sequence. During the Challenge, the faster they pedal, the more lights turn on, making it harder and harder to keep increasing the system voltage.

If they push the lights all the way to the top of the tower, and keep them on for 3 seconds, they beat the challenge and win the game. Their stored energy is then used up in a dazzling display of light.  

A difficulty knob makes the game easier or harder.

The peak effort required to win is about 200W (fit cyclist at medium-high effort) for the easiest setting and 600W (a pro might average 4-500 watts over the final hour of a Tour de France stage) for the hardest.

With Dueling (or Multi) sLEDgehammers, everything is the same. To decide the winner, you start the riders at the same time and give the win to the one who pushes the lights higher in the tower or gets the victory sequence to display first.

The Bike: Any of our hub generators will do. But more than our other activities, pedalers on a sLEDgehammer tend to use their whole body to try to beat the game. You may benefit from additional stabilization of your generator. The Electric Fender Blender Pro, with its 3′ wide stance, is particularly well-suited to this application.

The Circuit: The sLEDgehammer circuit inside the smart game box is the brains of the operation, calculating watts as you pedal. The circuit is capable of handling 1500-Watt surges in power. That’s more than any human on the planet could generate, even briefly. The sLEDgehammer circuit runs cool, calm and collected even when your participants pedal their hardest and try to break this machine—which people will.

Assembled dimensions:  
The Tower is 53″ long x 132″ tall, 43″ wide.
The Generator Pro is 56″ long, 39″ tall, 31″ wide.

Custom Builds: We also offer unique programming, lighting styles and installations.

Made to order: Please allow us 4 weeks to build the sLEDgehammer, 6 weeks for a Dual sLEDgehammer and 2 weeks for the sLEDgehammer circuitry only (you supply the lights).

  • The sLEDgehammer smart game box containing all circuits.
  • 5 colored LED panels standing to a height of 11 feet tall.
  • Halogen lights at the top to win the game.
  • A wide-base, untippable tripod stand.
  • Adjust difficulty with a simple knob.
  • Use multiple sLEDgehammers for head-to-head competition.
  • Requires an efficient bicycle generator, such as the Electric Fender Blender Pro.

Starting at $3,600

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