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Live on Bike Mobile Music

Live on Bike Mobile Music brings the whimsy to parades and other street events. If your goal is to provide an experience that your guests have never had before, then look no further: imagine their surprise and delight when guests see a bicycle towing an entire band of musicians. 

If you are unveiling a bike share program for your employees, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase the new fleet. Bike to Work Day has never sounded this good!












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Mobile Sound comes naturally to Rock The Bike: we’ve been hosting musically-enhanced bike rides since 2002. Each year we improve our gear and introduce new ways to bring music to the streets. Here are some of the key features of our mobile sound set up:

  • We use Shure wireless stage monitors to transmit a music signal to multiple receivers. This avoids having one loud source that can hurt the ears of marchers / riders. Multiple sound sources can distribute the message through the crowd.
  • We carry our large, efficient loudspeakers on our cargo bikes. Our Mundo cargo bikes are stable at low speeds.
  • We create amazing Soul Cycles — art bikes with integrated music systems. Examples: El Arbol, the Blue Whale, and the Choprical Fish.
  • Our mobile stage is a stable platform that can accommodate 2-3 performers.

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The cost to bring a Live on Bike performance to your event starts at $1,000.

To request our help with your event, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can check our schedule and get your event in our calendar. 

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