Rock The Bike

“The new unit works great! Setup is easy, the circuitry is reliable and the kids are having a great time figuring out that energy doesn’t just come out of thin air! Thanks for a great product! We’re looking forward to rocking the bike all over the country this year.” – Ryan T.

Power anything from a sound system to light displays with our newest product, Off The Wall Pro!

Built on our Pro frame, this sleek generator directly powers many devices. Designed as a solo power station, it gives you instant power for many chargers (phones, laptops, cameras, gaming units, lights, portable speakers, etc.) To truly Rock The Bike, plug in a pair of the latest powered loudspeakers like the ones we rent for Bay Area events, and you can produce a surprising amount of thump. One person can easily pedal a dance party for 200!

In terms of Wattage, we’ve tested it near 500W of output, but for most of us this is only possible to maintain for short bursts. Fortunately the frame and the wheel run cool at those peak-power wattage moments. Even if you’re monkeying around, struggling to match the power needs of a lightbulb bank, the frame won’t let you down.

And because it’s built on the Pro frame, you can turn Off The Wall Pro into an Electric Fender Blender Pro at any time. Then you can make smoothies and charge with the same bike.

Unfortunately Off The Wall is not compatible with our DC products including the Recharge Desk, the sLEDgehammer, and the Utility Box. All of our DC products require 24V generators and use ultracapacitors. But the good news is that with Off The Wall Pro there is no need for a circuit. 

Another difference is the ultracapacitor. Our DC products all use them. But Off The Wall Pro activities don’t.  What this means is that pedal power has an immediacy that’s very appealing. You pedal: the phones light up. You pedal: the light bulbs light up. You pedal: the party starts.

Off The Wall Pro has a sophisticated handlebar heads up display called the Comparator that allows you to flip back and forth between different electrical loads. This same display shows you the Wattage of whatever you’re pedaling at the moment. Highly engaging and educational.

  • Compatible with devices that have a switching power supply
  • Capable of generating 300W continuous output without getting warm. 300W sustained output is very challenging for most pedalers to sustain!
  • Has all the benefits of our Off The Wall Generator Stand but with stable sleek all-ages Pro frame


Custom brand your Off The Wall Pro!

Let our in-house design team add a logo, artwork or even custom frame colors to make the Off The Wall Pro broadcast your presence and amplify your message.

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