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Crewed Event Services

Some of our offerings are complex enough that our crew needs to be there for good results. For others our crew is optional, but by working with Rock The Bike you can delegate the details and then learn from us so you can do it yourself at future events. We choose our crew for their extroverted gifts and professionalism. Most of our crew are entertainers who love biking and see Rock The Bike as a way to make a difference.

By working with a Rock The Bike team you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that the people in charge of the Pedal Power at your event have been in that role many times before.  This means that when a crowd gathers, we don’t freak out, we shine! Our activities all have their own benefits. We’ve learned by doing. We’ve developed a sense of what’s fun, what’s not, what’s hard, what’s easy (and when hard and easy serve an event), and how to get teams to work together. Some of our activities meet a practical event need, like amplification. Others are just plain fun.


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Please click the photos below to learn more:

Pedal Powered Smoothie Booth

Pedal Powered Smoothie Booth

Serve up nutritious sweet, tangy smoothies to hundreds of people. Great for health fairs!

Pedal Powered Spin Art

Pedal Powered Spin Art

Engage your audience’s creative side. Physically easy and therefore great for kids.

Pedal Powered Spin Class

Pedal Powered Spin Class

A peak power experience. Engage your audience for a fitness class like no other. Use the excess power to accomplish another purpose at your event, or track it.

Pedal Powered Recharge Bar

Provide a knowledge-sharing, phone-charging Digital Watering Hole at your event.

Pedal Powered Stage

Pedal Powered Stage

Your audience works as a team to power a concert. Suitable for audiences up to 3,000.

Pedal Powered Lighting Rigs

Pedal Powered Lighting Rigs

Beautiful lighting installations powered by your audience. Can be set up as a challenge or experiential activity.

Live On Bike Mobile Music

Live On Bike Mobile Music

Awesome at parades! A bike concert is an unforgettable, empowering, and safe group activity.

School Assemblies

School Assemblies

Allow us to engage students with music, light, and the science of Pedal Power.

Pedal Powered DJ Booth

Our DJ booth has come a long way in terms of simplicity, sound quality, and fun and we’re excited to get out there!


Since every event is different, our pricing and recommendations will depend on what you have planned, particularly audience size, timing, travel considerations, demographic (kids / adults / special needs), and purpose of your event. Please take a moment to share what’s in your mind’s eye.

We know that you want to plan your future event, but are unsure of when that will be. We’ve updated our event and rental policy in case you need to make any adjustments.

Here’s our Event Services Agreement for you to review before booking with us.

Event and Rental Policy
If the event/rental is being rescheduled:
0% rescheduling fee – with at least 1 week’s notice
10% rescheduling fee – with less than a week’s notice

If the event/rental is being canceled:
25% cancellation fee – with at least 1 week’s notice
50% cancellation fee – with less than a week’s notice


“Thank you so much for your participation yesterday! You were true to your name and totally rocked the bike.  It was so clear that your bikes, drinks, and music helped make the event a success. Everyone loved (!!) it. You were the perfect crew too. So engaging and fun. We look forward to doing other events with you!” – Amy Harcourt from Bikes Make Life Better

“It was a pleasure working with your company this year and we look forward to hosting you again at our fair next year as well. The colleagues had so much fun and your staff was exceptional! Thank you!!” -K. Duran from Claremont Hotel and Spa

“Everything was fantastic and we are hoping next year it will be a bigger event! You were self-sufficient and had everything prepared!” – Emily G. from NFP

“It was terrific! We have a small office and our staff would come in small waves to check out the smoothie bike; they were very curious to see how it worked. Your staff explained the process and smoothie recipes to everyone who asked with the same enthusiasm each time. He encouraged newcomers to give the bike a pedal and offered to jump on the bike himself for those who were reluctant to pedal themselves. We had a great time… thanks!” – Nicole B. from Houlihan Lokey


Please give us as much info and advance notice as possible! We are generally able to acknowledge and reply to your survey within a day. Our professionally staffed events offer the best possible results with the least planning. If you will have your own event staff, check out our rentals section.

Special note: Discounts are available for the Climate Justice movement and K-12 schools.

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