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Pedal Power
Utility Box

The Pedal Power Utility Box makes team efforts possible! Up to 10 people at once can convert their good clean Pedal Power to usable AC power, for devices rated up to 1000W. Comes with a free Kill A Watt meter.


The Pure Sine Wave inverter in our Utility Boxes is capable of 1000W continuous output or 1500W surges. Pure Sine means the power is cleaner and better for sensitive electronics including audio equipment. The Pedal Power Utility Box is also the hub for the Pedalometer and the Pedal Power inputs from individual pedalers.

Optionally, the utility box can also supply power to our custom upgraded JBL speakers, so no power inversion from DC to AC and back to DC needs to occur, maximizing the pedal powered music efficiency by 30 to 50%!

We have two options for inverters: standard and concert-ready. Our ‘concert-ready’ inverters cost $500 extra and are better suited to the pulsy power consumption of live music or DJ music, while our standard inverters do well with devices like lights, that have a consistent power consumption.

Each Pedal Power Utility Box is made to order; yours may not look identical to the one pictured. It will also come with a free Kill A Watt meter so you can measure the power consumption of devices you want to power.

Using the Kill A Watt meter is educational and fun. Some products use different amounts of power at different settings. For example, a loudspeaker will use way less power than its rating if you’re listening to music at moderate levels. So get yourself a Kill A Watt and get scientific!

In The Box:

  • One fully assembled and tested Pedal Power Utility Box
  • Kill A Watt meter 

The Utility Box is compatible with the following products:

Learn more about the Pedal Powered Utility Box.


Utility Box User Manual

User Manual


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