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School Assemblies and Dances


We love getting involved with elementary and high schools in the Bay Area. What better way to make an impact on our future than to work directly with the next generation?

Kids are transformed from captive audience members to active participants when they attend a Pedal Powered assembly, and that transformation has lasting effects. At every assembly, there is a moment when the kids realize the connection between their pedaling and the microphone. When they understand that they are the energy source behind the event, that they are what allows their visiting speaker, principal, or favorite teacher to reach the audience, they become exuberant. This is the moment that your students will remember and carry with them.

Whether you want to complement an existing environmental program or kickstart a new one, Pedal Power is a natural fit for your next assembly.

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Our technology is not only dependable; it will inspire your students to bring environmental awareness into their daily lives. Pedal Power is so well integrated into the presentation that, rather than distract your students from the speaker, it brings them even closer to the topic under discussion.

Here are some examples of ways we can make an impact in a school. We can provide a variety of these activities at your event:

  • Bringing a Pedal Power demonstration to a school, such as a Bike Blender, the Ice Cream Bike, or Pedal Powered Spin Art. This can happen on its own or in conjunction with a school-wide event such as Earth Day.
  • Pedal Powering an all-school assembly featuring climate science, music, and energy conscious living.
  • Provide interactive small-group presentations on Science including DIT (Do It Together) circuit building, and Easy / Hard load comparisons
  • Dances and dance breaks in larger assemblies 
  • Providing equipment for your school’s new or established environmental program. For example, the Greenginers Program at Newton North High School in Massachusetts. Alternatively, setting up a visit to the Rock The Bike site so students can gain hands-on experience in our workshop.

When we get to a school, we try to connect with students as soon as we roll up (often on our cargo bikes). Our fun bikes and impressive load-hauling skills are a great way to break the ice with students. We try to get kids involved, even if they’re just holding doors open.

Our crew members are experienced public speakers who can be a part of your assembly, or we can run the entire show for you! We can adapt the size, duration, and type of event to your needs. Would you like a small, hands-on demo in a classroom? Would you like us to power your Prom? Talk to us if you’re interested in acquiring one of our bikes as a generator. We’d love to plant a seed of Pedal Power and energy consciousness in your school!


“The students absolutely love the bikes. They line up to have a chance to ride the bikes, which power our microphones, music, and lighting for assemblies. It has proved to be a huge hit with staff and students alike.” – Kent S., York Catholic District, Ontario

“We were so excited to use our blender bike!  Smoothies made by and for kindergarten to fourth graders at our event last week. The kids LOVED it.” – Jenifer B., Nutrition Program Assistant, University of Missouri Extension

“We have had one of your bike blenders for a few years now and love it so much we’re ordering two more! It fits perfectly into our farm and nutrition education program teaching students the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.” – Bree B., Community Nutrition Coordinator, Jones Valley Teaching Farm

“We have had great success with the Fender Blender. It was a hit in many of the events held at our school. It really helped us advocate environmental awareness. It attracted people’s attention and we would immediately let them know the purpose of our group which was, to provide people with an environmentally friendly product without having to downgrade. This bike was one of the highlighted sections in eyewitness news when the school was picked to be a “Cool School.”” – Drinkable Fruits




The cost for a school assembly or bike powered dance party ranges between $300 and $3,500

Special note: discount opportunities are available for local non-profits and K-12 schools. Please reach out to us with your request!

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