Off the Wall

Now on sale! Whether you want to party off the grid, charge your phone after a natural disaster, get your kids exercising, or teach energy efficiency in an interactive way (or all of the above!), the Off the Wall gives you a way to generate immediately usable electricity directly from your bicycle.

Off The Wall beta

Our customers asked for a more affordable pedal-power option than the Utility Box, and we responded with the Off the Wall. We’ve redesigned our generating hub so it directly generates high-voltage electricity within the hub – more efficiently and more cost-effectively than the Utility Box.

With the Off the Wall, you can actually feel the energy flowing from your body into your favorite computer, television, video game, or stereo system. It’s a great way to teach kids about the energy demand of different devices – things that use a lot of electricity take a lot of work to power up. Things that don’t, don’t.

Off The Wall works with XMas lights!

You can also run a bumpin dance party sound system out in a meadow or deep in the woods without the noise, stink, and hassle of a gas generator. You can even carry the Off the Wall on the back of your bike simply by strapping the stand to the back of your rack after clamping it to your axle – no need for a bike trailer.

Like our Roll Up DC generator, Off The Wall is available for cargo bikes with center stands allow for stationary pedaling.

But the best part of using the Off the Wall is knowing that nearly all the power coming from your muscles is converted into electricity for your computer or other device, without unnecessary voltage conversions cutting into efficiency.


— Fits almost any bike. No need to change any part of the bike*. *Rear quick release skewer must be ‘enclosed cam’ to be compatible with our stand. Available for free with your purchase upon request.

— Attaches & detaches in minutes. You roll right up!

— Highest power capacity tire rolling dynamo on the market

— Standard model fits 24”, 26”, 29” and 700c wheels

— Small model fits 20” wheels (many kid’s bikes and folding bikes)

— Internal LED lighting tells you it’s working and attracts attention

— Internals (magnets, coils and wiring) are visible through clear case – teaching tool

— The included stand elevates the rear wheel, allowing you to do other pedal powered activities in the future, such as blending and spin-art


— Compatible with devices that have a switching power supply (will read “INPUT: 100 – 240V” on back of device, as seen below)

— Capable of generating 300W continuous output without getting warm. 300W sustained output is very challenging for most pedalers to sustain!

–Weight: 20lbs

Compatibility & Ideal Bikes

(click the image to enlarge)


~ Knob style QR skewers or axle nuts (stand not compatible with internally geared hubs with thru axle shifting)

~ Tires with smooth center tread

~ Geared bikes increase pedaling comfort – allow rider to find the ideal cadence


The Off the Wall is not compatible with our electronic activities, like the Recharge Station. Instead you can create a low-cost approach to cell phone recharging by connecting the Off the Wall to a compatible USB Charger with switching power supply. Long-time Pedal Power advocate and innovator, Mike Cobb, recently did this at Standing Rock, which attracted the attention of CNN sent journalist Sara Sidner.

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  • Generators available from Rock The Bike

    Above: The Generator Pro

    We sell three types of complete Generator Bikes:

    – Generator Pro (our custom frame with wide size range and great branding possibilities)
    – Electric Fender Blender Pro (same but includes a bike blender so you can do two activities)
    – Mundo 500 (cargo bike generator)

    Rock The Bike's low cost, high-performance, smooth rolling generator.

    Rock The Bike’s low cost, high-performance, smooth rolling generator.

    And we sell two solutions for turning any bike in to a generator:

    – the Roll Up Generator Stand

    – the Generator Wheel 

    Electric Fender Blender Pro:

    human powered bicycle blender

    It has all the features of the Generator Pro, plus you can blend smoothies. For more info, please go here.

    Cargo Bike Generators: 

    cargo bike generator
    Examples include the Mundo 500 (above) and Xtracycle Generator. Each of these is capable of riding to your events with a load, then converting to generator use. Cargo bike generators can also become electric cargo bikes; though we no longer offer this conversion, we’ll point you in the right direction.

    Generator wheels to turn any bike into a generator:

    frictionless pedal powered generator

    The most affordable way to access our frictionless generator technology. You simply swap the rear wheel of your current bike and throw it on one of our stable stands. Great for custom bikes like El Arbol above, or for low-cost generators. Still extremely quiet and powerful.

    bicycle generator

    Above: Your bike can now be a generator, every bit as powerful and quiet as the ones we use at Rock The Bike events.

    Special lightweight or higher/lower voltage generators:
    We’ll consult with you to find lighter weight options for bike touring or specific application.

    Want your bike to generate power? Now you can, with a hand-built generator wheel from Rock The Bike.  You can also use it to upgrade your Mundo into an electric bike.

    These generators have gearing that is optimized for 24V systems but will function on 12V system. In order to use the power you generate, you’ll also need a Pedal Power Utility Box.

    Requires 2-3 weeks to build from time of payment. Please specify desired output connector.

    What kind of bike makes a good generator for our generator wheels?

    • Bikes with a wide size range
    • Bikes with good standover height
    • Bikes without rear suspension. Suspension (or “shocks”) makes a bike less stable when it’s mounted on a Stationary Stand.
    • Bikes with a front derailleur and 2-3 chainrings. These have a wider gear ratio, making it easier to find the right gear ratio.

    700 c – $450 (not suitable for cargo use) or $425 as add-on to Fender Blender Pro purchase.
    26″ – $525 (suitable for cargo use)
    24″, 20″ – $525 (not suitable for cargo use.

    Rentable: Yes

    In the Box:

    • Wheel with Generator Hub (in selected size)
    • Rectifier cable with 2′ lead to wheel and 20′ cable for the DC output.
    • 7-speed freewheel with 11-tooth cog for highest voltage range, or 1 speed on Electric Fender Blender Pro