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Pedal Powered DJ Booth


Our DJ booth has come a long way in terms of simplicity, sound quality, and fun and we’re excited to get out there with it this spring and summer! 

The big change from our previous attempts is the use of our new Off The Wall generators. These new generators power the speakers directly, with no need for a Pedal Power Utility Box to buffer the power. When you pedal, the speakers turn on instantly. 

In order to work with a range of DJs, we do not impose a requirement that they bring Off The Wall-compatible DJ equipment. Instead we bring an always-ON battery-based power box to power the DJ equipment: turntables, controller, laptop, etc. This way the DJ can continue to cue up the next song even if the bikes aren’t getting pedaled.

We previewed a range of popular speakers to find the ones compatible with Off The Wall, and found our favorite. We were looking for speakers that turn on immediately when you pedal, have the clarity and bass response that make people dance, and the efficiency that make people proud of their good clean pedal power. We chose the Mackie DRM 215. This plywood speaker — many are plastic — has amazing bass with its 15″ woofer! It sounds like there’s a subwoofer. The power consumption of the Mackie DRM 215 is surprisingly low, even lower than the Modified JBL’s we’ve been selling.  Wattage goes up when listening levels go up, but a lot of sound comes out of the speaker even at 20 Watts. This means that even an elementary school student can get their classmates dancing, which is a joy to see.


We’ve also been trying out an always-ON speaker and a pedal powered speaker at the same time. This is useful for events where the audience has a shorter span of attention, but you want the music to stay on, for example a school dance. For events with an older, fitter audience, pedal powering both speakers is going to make people feel more proud of the results. Having the flexibility to battery power one of the speakers means there’s less pressure to prevent outages.

We offer our DJ booth as an event service with our talented DJs like DJ EVolT ready to scratch and beat drop to their heart’s content. If you would like to hire us to bring our bikes, lights and DJ to your event, please let us know! Contact us at and let us know the date of your event, your location (indoor/outdoor), and the size of the audience and we will set you up with our finest full-service offering. Don’t let this summer go by without letting yourself have this much fun!

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Here’s the simple recipe. You will need:

  • 1 or 2 Off The Wall Pros or Off The Wall Generator Stands with your own bikes.
  • 2 compatible and tested speakers with 100-240V AC input rating. We recommend the Mackie DRM 215 the highest. They have the most testing hours and the best sound. We recommend purchasing with a protection plan.
  • Battery-based always-on power box for DJ gear (turntables, laptop, mixer, controller, etc) . These power boxes are often referred to as ‘Solar Generators’ or Portable Power devices. We recommend at least a 1000Wh (1 KWh) system. Here are 2 examples: 1250 Wh EcoFlow Delta   1500Wh Goal Zero   We don’t have any affiliate links and are simply providing these as workable options. Please feel free to do your own research!
  • Audio cables to connect DJ equipment to the loudspeakers.

DJ eVolT with our pedal power lighting rig at an Elementary school PTA dance party.