Rock The Bike

Tips for a Successful Bike Blended Smoothie Booth

First: Check with your local Health Department on what they require at temporary food/beverage stalls. These vary by county so if you’re planning to travel check them all.

Below is a blend of our experience at large crowd events and working with Bay Area health departments.

The Bare Minimum:

Fender Blender Bike Blender

Multiple pitchers. This is a personal preference. We bring one for each flavor on the menu, plus a vegan/dairy-free one to keep the booth running smoothly. Fewer pitchers than flavors means washing between blending.

Tables. One for food prep is a must, and one for cleaning and handwashing areas.

Cups. A no-brainer. Something to serve your smoothies in! Be green and use compostable cups.

Knife & Cutting Board. For cutting bananas, rinds, or green tops. We recommend a kitchen knife with a sheath and Flexible Cutting Sheets

Cooler. Keep your frozen and refrigerated items nice and cold.

Trash and Compost Receptacles. Leave no trace.

Helping Hands. We recommend at least 2 people to a smoothie booth: one to handle money and sales, one to make smoothies. A third is also helpful to work solely on the bike, adjusting the seat for riders and coaching their blending.

Up To Code:

3 wash bins (Wash/Rinse/Bleach). Make sure your pitchers fit in them (especially if High Performance). Also, remember to bring enough dish soap and bleach to fit your food permit requirements. Sponges are very helpful! If multiple people are working or taking shifts, we recommend labeling the bins.

Hand Washing Station (dispenser, water, catchment container, soap, towels). We set a 5-gallon water dispenser on a table with a plastic bin underneath to catch the gray water. Hand soap and paper towels are near/on the dispenser.

10 x 10 tent with walls. Many Health Depts require a tent to prevent debris from falling into your food and/or prep station. The tent must have walls to keep people/animals/debris out.

Food Service Gloves. The simplest way to keep your hands clean and the health department happy.

Maximize Your Profits:

Smoothie Booth sign. Increases visibility from across the space, thus increasing your sales and profits!

Menu & Pricing signage. Saves you having to tell every customer, and the line moves faster when people decide on a flavor while waiting for your previous customer to bike blend theirs. Our sign reads ‘$5 Save $1 if you bring your own cup’ because we like to promote a waste-free event as much as possible!

Secure cash box. You don’t want your hard-earned money walking away! Lock it up.