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Pedal Powered Smoothie Booth

Are you planning a company health fair or a similar event in need of fresh, delicious treats? Hire us to bring a fully-catered smoothie booth to your event! Imagine the following scenario:

A guest sees our smoothie banner and approaches the booth with visions of strawberries and bananas dancing themselves into a delicious pulp inside a high-performance blender. She expects the Rock The Bike crew member she just made eye contact with to hand her a pre-made smoothie. But wait! The crew member leads her to a Fender Blender Pro and tells her that she is about to blend a smoothie using Pedal Power. Gentle persuasion becomes enthusiastic coaching and before your guest knows what is happening, the blades are crushing the ice and she is on the path to smoothie victory.

At the end of the blend, each rider feels accomplished, energized, and ready to enjoy the rest of the fair. Rock The Bike crew members coach riders through the entire experience, making sure that each person is comfortable, that the smoothies are sweet and tangy, and that everyone gets a chance to pedal.


Are you totally psyched about the idea of a Pedal Powered refreshment, but smoothies aren’t your thing? No problem! This activity can be customized to align with your goals, whether you want to blend pesto, salsa, hummus, soup, or something else entirely. Tell us your heart’s desire and we will work with you to make it happen.

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Rock The Bike crew members take pride in the special role we have at your event. There is something magical and life-affirming about sharing delicious fruits with thirsty people.

We bring an attractive booth with a hand-sewn banner and a lemonade stand atmosphere. Our rootsy operation will make your guests feel right at home.

Transportation. We aim to bike to all of our events. Unfortunately, some locations are too remote for this to occur. If your event is not within a reasonable biking distance from Rock The Bike, we will also need to charge a transportation fee.

Space Requirements. One Fender Blender Pro will need a 10′ x 10′ space. This space will fit the bike, 1 crew, 1 table, and some extra space for spectators. Additional bikes and/or crew will need more space, but not double the amount. Reach out if you need help estimating how much space your activities will need.

Attire. Our crew members typically wear Rock The Bike t-shirts and black jeans, but we are happy to wear event-specific uniforms provided by our clients.

Bikes are brandable! With the increasing number of people taking photographs at events, this gives your company a boost on social media.


“Thanks again for participating in the LinkedIn Health Fair! Your enthusiasm and awesome smoothies and pesto were a big draw and it really helped bring attention to the bike program. You guys were awesome!” – Mylene M., Bicycle Consultant, Bikes Make Life Better

“We had a great turn out with the bike blender ‘Powered by health and wellness’ smoothies we created. Thanks once again for providing such a wonderful activity for our company to partake in.” – Deven D., River Falls, Ellsworth & Spring Valley Medical Clinic, Wisconsin

“The smoothie bike was a huge hit and a lot of employees said that they loved you as the facilitator, that you were fun and friendly. Thanks for making our event successful!” – Cost Plus World Market (Health Fair)

“I just wanted to say thank you so very much for taking the time to have Rock the Bike come out and support Wente Vineyards this week. We really enjoyed working with you all and look forward to future events.” – Wente Vineyards (Health Fair)

“We would like to thank you allowing us to rent out smoothie bikes for this year’s FunFest at the SF Giants’ AT&T Park! We managed to serve out over 2,200 smoothies and received more thanks and smiles than we could have ever asked for. This was a first for LIFT and you helped us pull it off! Thanks again for working with us in such short notice and for helping us make this past weekend a success!” – Caitlin M., Lift For Teens



Rates start at $2000 for two Rock the Bike crew members and one Fender Blender Pro.

Ingredients and Cups

Rock the Bike will work with you to create a menu and shop for necessary ingredients to serve your crowd size. There is a $250 minimum for any size event and we charge $1.50/smoothie serving and $0.15/smoothie cup thereafter. This minimum is enough for 2 smoothie flavors and roughly 100 people. Your expected crowd size will help us determine ingredient and cup costs.

Typically, we blend our own recipes and you can choose your flavors from our menu. If you have your own preferred recipe, we will gladly accommodate to your event. Our cups are 9 oz. and compostable. You can also provide your own ingredients if you’d like. 

Location & Shipping

We service events anywhere in the Continental US. Assembled delivery rates start at $150 for local gigs. We’re based in Oakland, CA. 

If your event is not driving distance from the Bay Area there will be additional crew fees for travel, room + board.

Health Permits

If your event requires a health permit or liability insurance we can also handle that.

Please give us as much advance notice as possible. Our calendar fills quickly at certain times of year.  

Special note: discounts are available for non-profits and K-12 schools.

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