Rock The Bike

“I am so used to plugging my devices into an electrical outlet and walking away but this time I was engaged the whole time and physically tracking how much energy I needed to charge my phone.” – Lani

What if you could turn phone charging into an ice breaking experience and high energy gathering spot for your event?

The Recharge Station is just that: a place to relax, pedal, get people’s hearts going and help them make connections—all while adding juice to their batteries.

It’s a bike that charges phones, up to eight of them at a time. This event power station sparks the kinds of informal conversations and networking that draw people to conferences, concerts and meetings in the first place.

When pedaled, the Recharge Station skirt glows for clean energy! The glow is visible from across the room and in daylight, generating curiosity and interest from passers by. 

The system is so easy to setup and use that it can be stationed without an attendant—though we always prefer to have a coach to help people feel more relaxed and comfortable. The coach can plug in phones and adjust the seat to the right height for new riders.

An integrated power stats are visible to the pedaler and coaches on an integrated screen. As you plug in and charge more devices, Wattage goes up.

Your Water Cooler

With a Recharge Station you’ll have an instant landmark at your event. You’ll hear people say “I’ll meet you at the bikes.” Phone charging can either be something awkward—seeing your attendees looking around for outlets and dealing with forgotten charge cables—or cool, green and positive with the Recharge Station.

We consistently hear at events that people are grateful for a place to get their legs moving and get their heart rate up a bit. As Rock the Bike activities go, this one is on the easy side, meaning people can pedal in business attire without breaking a sweat. Unlike the cardio machines at the gym, talking and pedaling is very doable, even while charging 8 phones through 4 wireless charging pads and 4 plugs. Almost all newer phones can be charged wirelessly. This makes for a simpler, cleaner desk surface uncluttered by USB cables. 

Green-event audiences and techie crowds in particular will appreciate the chance to convert muscle power into usable energy for their phones and tablets.

The New OTW Recharge Station is now compatible with the Off the Wall generator and available as a package with the OTW Pro or the Electric Fender Blender Pro. On these Generators, installation happens without tools using only Velcro and rubber mounts. To use it with a OTW Generator Stand, you’ll need to do more extensive work, as the Recharge Station mounts to a specific Stem / Handlebar combination. Contact us for more info!

Rental Recharge Stations will have the green light up desks. When pedaled, the Recharge Station enclosure glows green for clean energy! The glow is visible from across the room and in daylight, generating curiosity and interest from passers by.


Q: What kind of devices can I charge with my Recharge Station?

A: Almost anything that can be connected by a USB cable can be charged by the Recharge Station.

Q: Does the Recharge Station “store” any energy?

A: Riders may feel that it requires more effort when they first begin, for maybe 10 seconds, as the system’s ultracapacitor (a fancy kind of battery) charges up. This small capacitor can enable some device charging even after pedaling has stopped. This can be anywhere between 1-12 minutes, depending on how much surplus power you put into the system.



Custom brand your Recharge Station!

Let our in-house design team add a logo, artwork, desktop graphic or even custom frame colors to make the Recharge Station broadcast your presence and amplify your message.


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