Rock The Bike

“It’s just plain impressive that one person can produce that much sound with moderate effort. I hope you’re proud of your work. When our photographer gets us the shots, we’ll be sure to float some good times your way!”

A simple, easy and complete solution to high-quality, off-grid audio—good for both music and speaking.

Over the years, folks would see a line of power bikes and array of speakers at our events often ask: “Can I create a decent amount of sound with just one bike?” We are happy to now be able to say, Yes! This system powerfully carries a speaker’s words to a crowd of up to 500 people, or keeps 50-200 people dancing.

Pedaling spins one efficient generator, whose output goes right into a customized JBL loudspeaker. With a compatible mixer (as shown in video) you can amplify multiple musicians with no additional power. This is our smallest, most approachable and most popular Pedal Powered Stage offering.

Depending on which speaker you choose, the system can be towed or carried on one bicycle, meaning you can further reduce the carbon footprint of your event by riding there.

You don’t have to be a mad scientist to set it up. In fact it only has two cables! Plug a microphone or MP3 player straight into the speaker with no mixer, cue the pedaler and reap world-renowned professional JBL sound quality.

Bike Party demo: A single pedaler on an elevated platform cranks out clean wattage into El Arbol, a powerful audio system available for local events.

  • Perfect for public speaking events like a town hall meeting, green event, or press conference. Also a huge hit at a large outdoor environmental day like a tree planting or park cleanup.
  • Easy setup—only two connections to make—literally takes a minute.
  • A microphone or MP3 player can plug straight in with no mixer, just a single volume knob.
  • System can be upgraded to include a multi-channel mixer powered by the same bike.
  • Carry complete system on one bike and further reduce the carbon footprint of your event.
  • Can also power a second speaker for stereo sound.
  • Easy/Moderate exertion level for powering a speech. For dance music, the effort level goes up!
  • System includes a small ultracapacitor that holds up to 3 minutes’ worth of audio power
  • Extreme efficiency, heat free.
  • An impressive display of human power. Lots of reward for only one person pedaling.
  • Hands-down, the simplest, crowd-pleasin’-est way to do high-quality off-grid audio.
  • One Bike / One Speaker does not provide AC power (wall power).
  • Great for a local production crew trying to make a splash and get into events.
  • Recommended crowd size: Up to 500 for speech and up to 200 people for dance music.

Starting at $3,000

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