Rock The Bike

“I’ve made hundreds of gallons of ice cream and gelato as a pastry chef using motorized ice cream makers. I really like the results with the ice cream bike – the speed is just right, plus kids love it!

– Kate Zuckerman, Sweetcycle

What are two things kids like best? Bikes and ice cream! How about a bike that makes ice cream?!

Ramp up the fun at your child’s next birthday party – or create a utopian experience by putting an Ice Cream Bike under a tree at the company picnic.

Starting with a simple recipe for ice cream custard, the bike makes plenty to go around – up to 2 gallons at a time, in only 20 minutes. Add more canisters and you can serve hundreds in an afternoon. There’s nothing like it on a hot day. (Or a cold one. Can you guess the state with the highest per capita ice cream consumption?*)

Taking turns is easy and doesn’t hurt the ice cream, making it a great party activity. In fact, pastry chef Kate Zuckerman has told us that normal pedaling turns the canister at the ideal speed for top-of-the-line ice cream. The pedaling does get more challenging as the custard freezes to ice cream, so you can put the bigger kids on at the end.

But you don’t need to be a big kid to make great ice cream. Some Rock The Bike activities are inherently better for little kids because they require less power, and Ice Cream Biking is one of those. All RTB activities engage the gluteus maximus—the most powerful muscle in the human body—so when kids do pour on the power, they’re a match for the job.

We’ve set up some successful ice cream shops and passionate chefs with Ice Cream Bikes and they all talk about the gourmet results and how much kids and parents love the experience.

The Ice Cream Bike works mechanically, not electrically, making it easy to follow the energy by following the belts. This is the kind of event station that sets up families to have immersive educational moments. You’ll see moms and dads pointing to the belts and pulleys, explaining to their kids how pedal power helps the canister turn, then cheering on their kids as they pedal and finally tasting the treat together!

  • Serves 80-100 people per hour – making it good for a relaxed and stretched-out event
  • The canister comes with a clear lid to help you track the ice cream’s progress.
  • We’re excited to now offer no-cook and non-dairy recipes, which require much less prep than dairy custard, on our recipes page.
  • Consider getting a second canister and studying our videos before purchasing.
  • We recommend using Gatorade-style round coolers for plunging canisters into ice at events.
  • Great for company picnics, summer camps, birthday parties, ice cream parlors, farmers’ markets, Edible Schoolyard and farm events.
  • One ice cream company in NY has four for party rentals – and keeps them constantly rented.


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