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Spin Art is a peaceful and beautiful addition to any event. It works especially well with kids: they are strong enough to spin the platter at the recommended speed, and they become entranced watching each other take turns as the artist. 

Just a few pedal strokes will get the platter of the Pedal Powered Spin Art station spinning at 5,000-10,000 RPM, enough to produce dazzling spirals, circles, and streaks as guests squirt paint into the drum. 

Kids flock to the station, staring in awe as the colors spin and splatter across the paper. Older kids or parents can pedal for youngsters, and children as young as seven can participate. What better memory for your guests to take home from the event than their child’s original artwork?

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Spin Art is often a one-person activity. It’s an ideal stop at a Science Fair or Health Fair. The ideal space is about 8′ x 12′. This includes some space to hang art and for a crowd to gather.

You can rent a Spin Art Bike without hiring us to run the activity, but our crew has the patience, technical competence, and visual sense to help you make the most of it. Our night time Spin Art mod is a hit at street events. We’ll set up the table, drying area, and paints for best flow, and encourage riders to keep the platter spinning at the right speeds. We’ll give artists a few tips to get more beautiful results, and help them take their time and enjoy the experience. Although Spin Art is generally a very sweet activity, our crew members have the sensibility to handle any sharing issues that can come up with the kids.

Please read our page on what you’ll need to run a successful Spin Art Station


“At the Green Fair, the Rock The Bike Spin Art was a central attraction for kids and overall made the fair more successful than previous years because everyone, not just the adults, seemed to be enjoying themselves and getting involved. It provided a central attraction for families and allowed them to participate in a fun activity that was also environmentally friendly. The Spin Art Bike acted as an example of how common kid activities can be made eco-friendly.” – Sydney G., Burlingame High School

“Check out our video of our UK bike in action! The children of Staffordshire are loving it!” – Zoe P., Mitchell Arts Center, UK

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Rates start at $1,320/day for paint, paper, one Rock The Bike crew member, and the Spin Art bike.


Are you planning to host a long event, or do you expect hundreds of participants? If so, we can provide you with refill paint to keep the activity going.

Location & Shipping

We can accommodate out of town events anywhere in the Continental US. Rates start at $150 for local gigs.

If your event is not driving distance from the Bay Area there will be additional crew fees for travel, room + board.

You can also rent the Spin Art bike and run your own event for $420/day.

Special note: discounts are available for non-profits and K-12 schools.

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