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You can green your event by renting our Pedal Power gear, reducing your carbon footprint and inspiring people at your event. Pedal Power gives your event attendees a unique experience that they will never forget. Check out all our great Pedal Powered activities for rent, and let’s start talking about your upcoming event.


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Please click the photos below to learn more:

Bike Blenders

Our most popular event rental activity – pedal-powered smoothies!

Recharge Desks

Pedal to charge up to 8 USB devices at once.

Ice Cream Bikes

Churn up some homemade ice cream with pedal power.

spin art bike activity

Spin Art

Kids love this colorful, pedal-powered, paint-splattered way to play.

OTW Pro + Comparator Display

Teaching energy efficiency in an interactive way.


An interactive light challenge that harkens back to the classic carnival Sledgehammer game.

Dual sLEDgehammer

An interactive light challenge that harkens back to the classic carnival Sledgehammer game.

One Bike, One Speaker

A simple, easy and complete solution to high-quality, off-grid audio—good for both music and speaking.

Stage and Sound Rentals

Pedal-powered sound systems turn audience members into participants.

Side By Side Mundo

Take our custom side by side tandem on a ride around the bay.


Rental Shipping Guide

All of our rentals are available locally or can be shipped to your location anywhere in the continental United States. Rentals are received the day before your event and need to be shipped back the day after. We waive the transit days and only charge for the days of use.

Beyond the Bay Area? Our event gear can be shipped to other cities for rentals. The Pro frame was designed with a detachable feature that allows us to ship it at reasonable rates while being easy to setup. Instructions, tools, and return shipping labels are included. Bike Assembly takes about 45-60 minutes per unit. Anyone can do it with a little patience and we are available via phone or email if you need additional support. Roundtrip shipping, packaging, and distance fees (if applicable) will be included in your quote. 

If you don’t want to worry about shopping or putting the bike together, check out our Crewed Event Services.                        

Local Rental Pick-up:

You can pick up assembled gear from our warehouse in Oakland, CA for free, or in San Francisco,  for $75.

Local Rental Deliveries:

We can also deliver the assembled bikes for $250 – 400, depending on your location. Check out the Rental Delivery Fee map below to see how much your location will cost:


We know that you want to plan your future event, but are unsure of when that will be. We’ve updated our event and rental policy in case you need to make any adjustments.

Event and Rental Policy
If the event/rental is being rescheduled:
0% rescheduling fee – with at least 1 week’s notice
10% rescheduling fee – with less than a week’s notice

If the event/rental is being canceled:
25% cancellation fee – with at least 1 week’s notice
50% cancellation fee – with less than a week’s notice

Here are our Rental Agreements:

Rental Packet For Bike Blender, Ice Cream Bike, Icycleta, & Spin Art

Electronic Rental Packet For Recharge Desk, sLEDgeHammer, Dual sLEDgehammer, Utility Box, Generator/Off the Wall Pro, One Bike/One Speaker


“Thank you so much for your participation yesterday! You were true to your name and totally rocked the bike.  It was so clear that your bikes, drinks and music helped make the event a success. Everyone loved (!!) it. You were the perfect crew too. So engaging and fun. We look forward to doing other events with you!”
– Amy Harcourt, Bikes Make Life Better

“We would like to thank Rock The Bike for allowing us to rent out smoothie bikes for this year’s FunFest at the SF Giants’ AT&T Park! We managed to serve over 2,200 smoothies and received more thanks and smiles than we could have ever asked for. This was a first for LIFT and you helped us pull it off! Thanks again for working with us in such short notice and for helping us make this past weekend a success!”
– The LIFT Team