Rock The Bike

“We recently purchased a Bike Blender for our corporate site in Spring House Pennsylvania and wanted to tell you what a tremendous success it has been. We have had nearly 500 employees come out to recharge their afternoons with a spin on our bike and refreshing smoothie! This is truly becoming a staple on our campus and a great way for employees to integrate more health and wellness in their day! Thank you!”
-Johnson and Johnson

Bike blending is a short, sweet experience of human power accessible to almost anyone—a reliable way to bring smiles to your event while helping people feel like they’re changing the world one pedal at a time.

Pedalers get to be the center of cheering attention for a little while as they try something new that’s energizing, physical and fun.

Pedaling gets people present and happy and able to hear your message and offers a delicious reward at the end. We are the leader in selling bike blenders around the world, and we also rent them in North America and offer them as a service around the Bay Area and in select locations nationwide.

A bike blender from Rock the Bike is an easy way to bring people together, whether friends at a party or strangers at a conference. Smoothies taste better when you pedal them, and everyone will want to give it a try. We’ve found that people who pedal a smoothie for the first time are grateful for the fresh experience and the tasty treat.

It’s an immediate icebreaker involving the whole body and all five senses that gets people in the mood for sharing, laughing, talking – all the things you want to see at your event so you know people had a good time.

You can raise money for charity, host a bike party, blend refreshments at a race or teach kids about healthy eating and exercise in a way they’ll always remember. It’s always welcome to offer someone food, and a sure-fire way to capture people’s attention and get them to engage with you.

We make all of our bike blenders by hand in our workshop; the Fender Blender Pro frame is made in China, manufactured according to a design that we’ve been refining since 2006. We build and guarantee our bike blenders to last for years of smoothies, smiles and Pedal Power.

We offer two models of bike blenders:

Fender Blender Pro with Frame Branding

Fender Blender Pro, a stationary bike on its own sturdy frame

The Fender Blender Universale,
to use with any regular bike