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Electric Fender Blender Pro

The Electric FB Pro combines a Fender Blender Pro with a brushless generator wheel. Choose from three different generator options – sLEDgehammer, sVelte, or Off the Wall.


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The Electric Fender Blender Pro combines the Fender Blender Pro and your choice of a generator wheel. Use it for any Pro frame activity – blending smoothies, making ice cream, or spinning art – or use it to generate up to 600 watts of DC or AC power. The most efficient, sturdiest, and user-friendly pedal power generator of which we are aware, and also the quietest.

Types of Generator Wheels – not sure which one to get? Let us know what you are trying to power.

DC Generators:

Compatible with our ‘electrical’ attachments: Recharge Station, sLEDgehammer, and the Utility Box.

sVelte generator wheel is a new and improved version of the Generator Wheel. It’s $120 cheaper than the sLEDge, 6lbs lighter; and easier to install. It’s better for all “electrical” activities EXCEPT for the sLEDgehammer. (Requires 18 mm wrench to install)

sLEDge generator wheel is our classic generator wheel. It is required if you plan on using the sLEDgehammer tower with your bike. (Requires 21 mm wrench to install)

Please specify the desired output connector. We will use Anderson connectors unless otherwise noted. Optimized for 24V systems but will function on 12V system. Comes with a 3-phase rectifier cable to supply DC power. In order to use the DC power you generate, you’ll either need to run 24V DC devices.

If you want to produce AC power you can get a Pedal Power Utility Box or get the Off the Wall generator wheel.

AC Generator:

Off the Wall generator wheels produce AC power directly from the wheel to charge any compatible device with a switching power supply, cell phone, speaker, or lightbulbs. Comes standard with 3 prong output connector. Complete with a protection circuit or upgrade to an informative comparator display.

Off the Wall generator wheel compatibility chart:

In the Box:

  • One Fender Blender Pro frame
  • One Fender Blender base
  • One blender pitcher (32 oz. Oster, 48 oz. Blendtec, or 48 oz. Vitamix)
  • One Generator Wheel (sLEDge, Svelte, or OTW)
  • Tools and user manual

Assembly takes about thirty to forty-five minutes, et voila!, you’re ready to blend!

Learn more about the Electric Fender Blender Pro.


Generator Wheel User Manual

Standard User Manual

Generator Wheel User Manual

High-Performance User Manual








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