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Pedal Powered Lighting Rigs


We love riding at night. We’ve been putting lights on bikes since 2002, and the service has evolved over the years from adorning bikes with bright, funky lights to the development of group challenge activities. We would love to help your event transition from daylight to the dusky nighttime hours. Imagine a Pedal Powered light display that shoots up to the heavens and creates beautiful patterns in the night sky. Take a look at our slideshow for inspiration from past events.

Benefits of light-based activity:

  • No-mess setup
  • Low noise levels
  • Visible to large crowds
  • Creates a festive atmosphere

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How We Work

Custom lighting installs take longer to set up than our other services, and this work is often done with a small crew. Having time and space is essential if we are to create something unique to your space. To make a bigger impact, we can use our stock lighting elements such as the Peace & Love banner, El Arbol, the Bike Tree, and our Bamboo Tripods. We can also use our flexible LED tape to accent shapes and features of your space. Lastly, we can create large custom signage with your brand or message, debut it at your event, and mount it for your permanently, semi-permanently, or on a stand.


“I’m a meeting planner. I’ve hired RTB twice, once for our holiday party and once for our picnic. Both times, they rocked! Plus, how green can you get? They even take mass transit to get to the site… they set up strings of LEDs throughout our courtyard. The person riding the bicycle would get rewarded for pedaling harder: more strings of lights would appear, culminating in a large mural at the far end of the courtyard! This was very popular! RTB brought their bicycle-powered ice cream maker and blender. The attendees had fun making their own ice cream and smoothies all day.” – Tom M.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ve successfully done two full-day sessions with the SLEDgehammer system and it has worked GREAT!  I’m completely thrilled with how the kids are using it.  The reliability and build quality of the unit is top-notch. Thanks so much for going over the circuity and explaining to me how it needs to be used – I really appreciate the service. Looking forward to rocking the bike around the country next year!” – Ryan T., Mobile Ed Productions

“The bikes have been a huge hit. We really like having the ability to both have the light towers and the blender options. We have used them at about five events so far.” – Marcus P., University of Utah Health Care

Tell Us About Your Event


Factors like crowd size, event duration, setting (indoor versus outdoor), and ruggedness all affect the cost of bringing a Pedal Powered Lighting Rig to your event. Please take a moment to respond to our survey, and we’ll get back to you with a quote within one day.

All of our custom lighting options will cost more than our stock rentals, because they involve setup hours. If you’re looking for a high-impact rental that you can set up yourself and dazzle a crowd of hundreds, check out the sLEDgehammer at $700/day.


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