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Is that his full time job?

October 3, 2006

I saw the Muscle Car guy again! This time in down town San Francisco. I heard him first about 3 blocks away. I thought it was a union protest or something. Then as I got closer I heard “We are at War!” and I knew it was him, and there he was! Is this is […]

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September 21, 2006

I got a call from a customer named Frank who wanted to see the Down Low Glow in person before buying. We made an appointment to do so at my home office in the Mission while he was on break from work. At 10:30 this morning, Frank arrived, in a DPW Street Cleaning truck. This […]

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Muscle Cars for Fear

September 12, 2006

I went to Napa on the 9/11 5th anniversary to work with framebuilder Curtis Inglis. On the way back, Ed and I were picking up some snacks at Safeway when this guy started broadcasting a tape of Michael Savage through a megaphone strapped to the hood of his muscle car. When we walked up to […]

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American Auto Terrorism

September 10, 2006

I went out to a local Tapioca Tea Shop to get a drink last night.

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Reggae DJ Trike

Apparently, it’s not uncommon in Jamaica to see guys rolling around with sound systems on their tricycles, and not only that.

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Turntabling while Cruising?

September 7, 2006

Peter Eland of Velovision Magazine emailed me this photo of a sound system, taken at the Eurobike trade show a few weeks ago. The custom fiberglass work is very clean, with the rounded corners, and trap doors. I also like the choice of speakers — the aluminum cones look very sleek and integrate well with […]

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Rock The Bike message spreads to Australia

We got this fantastic email from a potential customer in Australia, who’s been following our progress on the web: “I like your philosophy — over the last two years I’ve got into bikes in a big way, I gave up cigs for it, it’s helped my mental health, my relationships and I’ve re-discovered my competitive […]

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Kryptonite lock as self-defense for cyclists?

September 2, 2006

Last night Thao and I biked to Yoshi’s in Oakland and caught the last set, a tribute to jazz drummer Elvin Jones. On the BART on the way home, we sat across from a couple of stylish hipsters on fixed gear bikes. We did the obligatory mutual inspection of each others’ bikes for a few […]

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Hip Hop in the Park Cruiser Ride!

August 31, 2006

Where: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco CA When: Sunday September 3 2006 1PM Beach Chalet San Francisco Starting at:The Beach Chalet, riding along JFK, to King Jr Drive, to MLK Jr Drive, pass Mallard Lake, arrive at Elk Glen Lake Cove.  If anyone can clarify the route for me.  Please post a comment!  The party is […]

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Fremont Cruiser Routes/Meet Up Spots

August 27, 2006

The Fremont Cruiser rides are not official yet.  I have just been getting together with a couple of friends and doing rides to get some dinner and roll around the area.  The blog title says “Fremont Cruiser Routes” but the main emphasis for this blog is to list and describe the places we usually ride […]

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First night rides we’ve all had them

August 22, 2006

I remember the first time when I was a kid and I thought about riding my bike at night. My folks thought I was crazy.  As I got older without a car and not really needing one,  I began to explore the joys, perils, and experience of riding a bicycle at night.  At first it can be […]

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New chain = Happy biking

August 18, 2006

Installed a new chain tonight. This isn’t really front page news, except I wanted to remind people about the benefits of installing a new chain, and ways to tell when you need to do so. Installing a new chain has a few important benefits. Normal riding causes chains to stretch, which wears your gears out […]

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BCAT Workshop Day

August 15, 2006

I worked at the BCAT today helping Fossil Fool do some shop cleanup, and some of the tedious steps in building the Down Low Glow. Good times, yeah the work was pretty simple as far as labor is concerned, sweeping up the shop, organizing products, storing stuff, preparing shipping materials, necessary steps in keeping the […]

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I Love the Buddy Bike

July 20, 2006

  So I’ve been thinking about the elements of a great cruiser ride. I won’t go into the obvious ones right now, but I want to share one of the ones that’s not so obvious. Getting a lot of people into a small area. If you’re throwing a party, you want to fill the room. […]

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At least 10 bike sound systems at the last critical mass

July 18, 2006

I went to the June Critical Mass with Thao and some friends. We rocked two Soul Cycles (linked by wireless broadcast.) On the way there I was nearly knocked down by a taxi. A fellow biker immediately jumped off his bike, threw it down (a nice single-speed), and prevented the taxi from moving while I […]

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Working with on new site design

May 29, 2006

The talented Memphis Graphic Designer Christopher Reyes of has begun working on the new face of Rock The

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Soul Cycle Classic

June 17, 2003

The original inspiration for Rock The Bike was the joy of Soul Cycling: cruising with music on a bicycle. Although this artform had existed before, Fossil Fool made some key additions: lights behind the speaker and controls on the handlebars. During his free time and on Friday nights, Fossil Fool would organize cruiser rides with […]

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