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First night rides we’ve all had them

I remember the first time when I was a kid and I thought about riding my bike at night. My folks thought I was crazy.  As I got older without a car and not really needing one,  I began to explore the joys, perils, and experience of riding a bicycle at night.  At first it can be a very nerve racking experience.  I remember riding home from practice 7 miles across town back to my house, no lights, no bright clothes, not even reflectors.  Rolling on the sidewalks and the terrifying suburban overpasses.  Cars flying by you and I wondered if I would make it home or end up in the newspaper the next morning as a statistic.  The fear is terrible!  When I got my first light set up, I felt better, “well at least I’m legal now and its better than nothing.”   I rode around Lake Merritt in Oakland California with my friend Libra.  Good times!  About 2 years ago I met Fossil Fool at a Sunday early morning South Cyde Cycles Bike show.  I was drawn to his “Soul Cycle” which still is the COOLEST Bike sound system ever, and he showed me the Down Low Glow, which I thought was kinda weird, crazy for a bike.  I ended up getting one and enjoy riding a lot.