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Xtracycle Sport Utility Bike

Xtracycle Sport Utility Bicycles

Xtracycle’s FreeRadical allows you to turn your favorite bicycle into an SUB. And we guarantee that you’ll start using your bicycle in ways you never thought possible beforehand.

“Isn’t that just like a bike trailer?”

Not at all. Trailers get left at home because they’re not fun to ride. The Xtracycle is even more fun than a normal bike, because it’s long wheelbase has unique and positive ride characteristics, and because you have a place to give your friends a ride.

Shopping for a week’s groceries, going camping for the weekend, picking up your friend from the train station; these are all things you can do spontaneously, without having to plan when you need the capacity to do so. With a trailer you have have think ahead of time, “Am I going to need my trailer today?”


Turn your bicycle into an S.U.B.

The FreeRadical is the coolest, lightest, most maneuverable, easiest-to-use way of adding serious cargo capacity to your bicycle.

We’ve been riding and selling the Xtracycle for over 5 years, and we use it to drop off packages to the FEDEX depot in Berkeley when you place an order for the Down Low Glow. It’s super quick to load, fast and nimble to ride, and it’s always ready when you need a place to carry sports equipment, picnic supplies, musical equipment, and your friends. Did we mention you can carry people? It’s not a joke. You really can carry people miles and miles with this bike.

The FreeRadical kit comes from Xtracycle, a socially responsible business in California. It helps you lead a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle, without sacrificing your own sense of fun and style.

Sport Utility Bike loaded with fresh veggies


The kit includes:
— FreeRadical frame extension
— Two FreeLoader bags (choose between blue or grey)
— One plastic tech deck
— Hooks
— One build kit with chain extension and longer cables.

Installation takes about 2-3 hours, but is a one-time deal. You have to be comfortable dealing with cables and cable housing. A good test is whether you’ve installed a rear derailleur or a pair of brakes before. If you haven’t, it’s better to take your Xtracycle-ready bike and the FreeRadical to a trusted mechanic. If you’re in the Bay Area we will gladly install your FreeRadical on your bike for a fee of $80.

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