Rock The Bike

What makes an ideal Rock The Bike dealer or distributor?

Wheely Good Smoothies Rainbow Fish

Above: Wheely Good Smoothies in Baltimore have a great presence at farmers markets. 



– Part of a community we don’t already work with. Either geographically or in your target demographic. 

– Include a link to Rock the Bike’s website (www. on your blog or product pages.

– Capable of demonstrating the Bike Blender and showing other people how to set it up safely and correctly. 

– Basic technical competence.

– Ability to explain the assembly and use of the Fender Blender (full instruction manuals are provided with all the products and feature hand-drawn illustrations).


Suggestions for Generating Sales

– Involvement in the field of events and willingness to get into that field.

– Openness to sales and rental model, which has been a strong building block for exposure

– Research government and grant resources related to nutrition, fitness, diabetes, childhood obesity, etc. that may be sources of funding for your clients to purchase this product.

– Accessible location that allows people to come and pedal. Encourage visits. Post hours. Have something to blend when they come, even if it’s just coffee beans.

– Partner with like-minded events to offer a smoothie booth. Use these tips for a good smoothie booth.


Minimum Order

Fender Blender Universale, fits any bike : $1,000

Fender Blender Pro, our stand alone frame : $5,000

Payment must be made in full at time of order. If order is over $5,000 we require a check or wire transfer.


Wheely Good Smoothies from Rob Perry on Vimeo.