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The Down Low Glow’s lightweight components won’t slow you down

Just because you’ve decided to stay safe and stylish when you commute by bike doesn’t mean you want to load your rig down with extra weight. The kid inside you still enjoys edging out that spandex-clad racer to the last gleamings of a yellow light. You love tight turns and fast descents and you don’t want your bike to slow you down. Luckily, the Down Low Glow only adds a little over a pound to your bike. You can still lift it up on your shoulder for the flight of stairs to the subway, and you won’t notice the difference in your cruising speed.

Sure, some people pay hundreds of dollars to shave a couple ounces off their wheels, but weight on your wheels and weight on your frame are totally different due to a physics phenomenon called rotational mass. Adding a pound to your frame is hardly noticeable.

Let’s say you want to go on a fast daytime ride. You can remove the DLG’s battery with a quick tug on the wide Velcro strap, and you’ve instantly gotten rid of 85% of the weight of the product. Most people who hold the DLG’s shockproof light tubes in their hands at Rock The Bike trade shows say “Oh, this weighs nothing.”

So rest assured that adding the amazing visibility and cool safety of the Down Low Glow to your bike won’t slow you down. Keep your bike svelte and safe with the Down Low Glow.