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South Bay Cruisers

Anyone is welcome to our ride provided that they respect the communities that we ride through. If you are under 16 years of age, please bring a parent or guardian.

Southbay Cruisers: The Big 80’s Ride IV

Posted by Wild Johnny
07/24/2010 – 07:15 – 11:30

WHAT: Southbay Cruisers: The Big 80’s IV

WHEN: July 24th, 2010

WHERE: Ride starts and ends at Valley Park in Hermosa Beach. (Corner of Gould Ave and Valley Drive in Hermosa Beach, CA 90254) Meet at 7:15/Ride at 7:30PM We will meet at the Kiwani’s Club Parking Lot at the south end of the park as usual.

WHAT: We will go off on a slow cruiser ride (about 8 – 10 miles) dressed in our favorite 80’s attire through the Southbay, barbecue, sing our fav 80’s tunes to bicycle karaoke, and play games! This is one of our funnest rides of the year. We will have the soul cycle, we will be barbecuing. Come join us!

WHAT TO BRING: Your bike, a headlight, your ipod with your favorite 80’s tunes if you have one, anything you want to eat and drink in the park at the barbecue after the ride. (please no alcohol permitted in valley park.) your favorite 80’s attire is strongly suggested but not required. If you have any 80’s games that you want to play bring those too. If you don’t have a light for your bike you can buy one at the ride with batteries for $12.

Here’s a video of us doing bicycle karaoke in the park at our last October Halloween/Creepy cruise ride…

For more information see or send us an email to

The Southbay Bicycle Music Festival III – May 30th, 2009


Posted by Wild Johnny

WHAT: We will cruise about 10 miles at a slow to moderate pace through the streets and neighborhoods of the Southbay. We will host a post ride barbecue, bonfire, and music performance celebration. See (Southbay Bicycle Music Festival for a list of acts.)


WHERE: Ride starts and ends at Valley Park(corner of Gould Ave/Valley Drive in Hermosa Beach, CA)


WHEN: Cruiser Ride meets at 11:45 AM/Rides at 12:00PM

Post Ride barbecue and performances scheduled to start

at 2PM.


With 9 post ride musical acts, a bonfire, and barbecue this event is scheduled to run until 9:30PM.



$6 DONATION PLEASE: For those staying for the post ride activities – $6 to cover expenses(Firewood, city fire permits etc)would be appreciated. The ride as always, is free. You welcome to come if you can’t afford the $6 fee. But if you can donate it would be much appreciated.


AS ALWAYS, IF YOU WANT TO EAT IT YOU NEED TO BRING IT! We supply firewood and charcoal. You will need to bring anything you want to eat, and anything you need to cook it/eat it with(ie-forks and knives.)

Art supplies-crayons, paints, brushes, drawing pads or cash. This is a non profit group so donations are tax deductible.




See for details or email us at

The 3 heads to Perform at Southbay Cruisers 2 year Anniversary Ride 1/17/09!


Southbay Cruisers,
As we move into 2009 there 4 rides set up over the next 2 months, including our ROCK STAR Two Year Anniversary Ride which will feature live performances from The 3 Heads!!!
The Rock Star Ride! – Two Year Anniversary Celebration with live Music from The 3 Heads!!!!
Saturday, January 17th, 2009
Meet at 7:00PM – We Ride at 7:15PM
WHAT: We will celebrate two years of cruisin’ the Southbay with a Rock Star Celebration Ride! We will dress up as rock stars-real or imaginary from any era – 50’s to present day. (In fact, if Jazz, or blues are your thing, dress up as a jazz musician if you want or any kind of musician)As usual along  our 8 – 10 mile slow to moderate paced cruiser ride we will listen to a variety of music from the soul cycle bicycle stereo system.(Dressing to the occasion is encouraged but not required.)
The ride will end at Valley Park in Hermosa Beach(corner of Valley Drive/Gould Ave) where we will warm up to a bonfire/barbecue/karaoke, host a few games and be entertained by The 3 Heads!!! ( (Yes, acoustic rockers The 3 Heads, who performed at the Southbay Bicycle Music Festivals I and II, are back by popular demand performing for us again around the post ride bonfire. If you saw them at last years Bicycle Music events you know they are one of the best acoustic bonfire acts in LA. If you’ve never seen them before you won’t want to miss them.

SUGGESTED DONATION: $3 The ride as always is free. $3 to cover the cost of firewood and the band would be nice if you plan on attending the post ride event.

As usual, if you want to eat or drink at this ride bring food/and or drink.)
WHERE: Ride meets at our usual spot in front of:
The Lighthouse Cafe
30 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90045
WHEN: Saturday, January 17th, 2009
We Meet at 7:00PM/Ride at 7:15PM

Bonfire Ride to Dockweiler  – Tues, February 10th, 2009
Meet at 6:45PM/Ride at 7:00PM
Meet in front of the Upper Deck/Whole Foods(409 Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach – corner of Beryl/PCH)
Jolly will be leading this ride out to Dockweiler where we will light a bonfire, play guitars, sing, do some high flying ninja kicks in the sand, eat and drink hot chocolate-pretty much whatever you want. Jolly encourages you to come in your pj’s or come as you are.


Bonfire Ride to Dockweiler  – Wed, February 25th, 2009
Meet at 6:45PM/Ride at 7:00PM
Meet in front of the Upper Deck/Whole Foods(409 Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach – corner of Beryl/PCH)
Jolly will be leading this ride out to Dockweiler where we will light a bonfire, play guitars, sing, do some high flying ninja kicks in the sand, eat and drink hot chocolate-pretty much whatever you want. Jolly encourages you to come in your pj’s or come as you are.


Solvang Cruise – Pre Bike Race Route Ride – February 20th, 2009
Tony, our newest Assistant Organizer is setting up a ride in Solvang on February 20th.  This is not an official Southbay Cruiser ride, but sounds like alot of fun.
Bicycle Street Smarts link. (Details of this ride can be found on




Well I know that she’s been cruiser of the week before, but I think after the awesome ride that she led on Sunday, January 4th – ‘A Ride to Old Town Torrance II’ that she deserves it again. We had a nice little crowd of 17 people showed up to Wilson Park. Ninja Cat Mary led us around Old Town on a picture perfect Sunday morning as we crossed railroad tracks, skipped a little rope in a park, and of course chowed down some Foster’s Freeze ice cream.(Pics will be up soon on Thanks for leading us Ninja Cat Mary! (See Mary in her 15 minutes of fame on the homepage of


Who would you like to see as Southbay Cruiser of the week? Send us your suggestions to



(This Item I found on this week’s LA Bike Coalition Newsletter)

Time to Act!    We need your help with the Economic Recovery Bill
LACBC has been submitted Ready to Go bike projects to Tunderhead Alliance and Transportation for America last month. Now it’s time that Our elected officails here from you.

In January Congress and the President will sign an economic recovery bill that will include hundreds of billions of dollars, many of which will go to build transportation infrastructure, but very few of which include bicycle and pedestrian projects.
It is critical that we ensure that bicycle and pedestrian projects are included among the projects to be funded with federal economic stimulus funds.

Tell Them:

·      There are over $2 billion worth of “ready-to-go” bicycle and pedestrian projects across the U.S. that can create jobs right now.
·      Bike and pedestrian projects are quick. Because they are smaller, states and cities can spend the money quickly and IN the local economy.
·      Building biking and walking infrastructure creates jobs. Bike and pedestrian infrastructure is more labor intensive and less material intensive than building roads, thus netting more jobs for dollars spent!
·      Sidewalks and bike lanes makes streets and downtowns into destinations for shopping and entertainment. Investing in walking and biking facilities helps local business and is an investment in the local economy.
·      24% of all trips in the US are less than a mile, 40% are less than two miles. Walking and biking facilities, including those that connect to transit, give American families economical transportation options and lay the foundation to address some of our nation’s major crises, such as climate, energy, and health.
·      A recovery package that includes funding for transportation infrastructure but does not include investments to improve bicycling and walking denies the current trends in transportation and the safety needs of the American public. Bicycling has increased in the US – in some cities its increased more than 35% in the last two years.
·      Biking and pedestrian improvements also help wean us for foreign oil and support a healthy and sustainable future for America!
Send letters to:
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
200 North Spring Street, Room 303
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 978-0600
Fax: (213) 978-0750
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (213)897-0322
Fax: (916)558-3160



When: January 23 – 25, 2009
Where: LA Convention Center
LACBC is an official sponsor of Go Green Expo in Los Angeels and will be providing Bike Valet.
Go Green Expo is a truly unique event from the ground up. Go Green Expo will change not only the public’s perception of environmentalism but also how events like this are produced and managed.
Get hands on experiences with “eco-friendly” alternatives to current everyday products and services.
get in free to Expo!
If you are interested in volunteering, please email


That is all. Have a good weekend!

Hermosa Beach Public Works Commission Meeting: Making a More Bike Friendly Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach Public Works Commission: Creating the Master Bicycle Plan

This meeting provides a unique opportunity for residents AS WELL AS NON RESIDENTS to give feedback and suggestions on a proposed Hermosa Master Bicycle Plan. This is your opportunity to make Hermosa Beach more bicycle friendly. In this meetup up, you will help choose the direction of how bicycle friendly a city Hermosa Beach will become in the years to follow. The power is within you to create positive change for a more bicycle friendly world, at this meeting.

Attached is a thread with a map showing a new proposed bikeway that is being planned for Hermosa Beach. Come and let the committee know your thoughts on this proposed bikeway as well as any other suggestions that you want to see make Hermosa Beach more bicycle friendly.


The meeting starts at 7:00PM at Hermosa Beach City Hall (corner of Valley Drive/Pier Avenue-right next to the Fire/Police Departments)

I will be riding my bike from work to get to this event. But for any of you who want to ride in together, give me a shout and we can meet up somewhere.

For more information on this meeting contact the Public Works Commissioner Julian Katz (

Thank You Fossil Fool for another Awesome Night of Cruisin’!

When we learned that Fossil Fool and his Choprical Fish were in town for the weekend and up for a Cruiser ride we headed off to Marina Del Rey to meet him for a night of bike rapping. After hooking up at the bridge over the jetty at Marina Del Rey we headed off to Dockweiler and some nighttime campfire rapping!

Here’s a video of the highlights of our adventures…

Pics are posted on


Biketoberfest, Sat. 10/18

Hey Bike Rockers –

There’s a fun looking bike event on Sat. in Fairfax, Biketoberfest:

Lots of nice, local handmade bikes, beer and music. That’s the good life, right there.



Here’s a pic of Nate Byerley from Oct.fest 2007 mixing up a smoothie on an Xtracycle (photo by Mo Gaffney)

First Ever Southbay Bicycle Music Festival – An intimate musical bicycle cruising night round the campfire

We couldn’t have picked a better day to celebrate the first ever Southbay Bicycle Music Festival, July 19th, 2008. On a warm sunny afternoon we met at Hermosa Pier, sang happy birthday to Cruiser of the week “Tony’, then we headed off towards the Esplanade cruisin’ to the Beatles ‘Magical Mystery Tour’. (What can I say, it felt like we were heading off to Woodstock so the mix was leaning a little towards the ’60’s for this ride)We had a few newbies and some returning youngsters like 2 year old Lola Martin and her 3 1/2 year old sister Sophia, who came with their dad Roger. (Sophia and Lola are former Southbay Cruisers of the Week’ as well.)

As we made our way to Valley Park we were greeted by Makena, one of our featured artists, all set and ready to perform for us thanks to help from ‘Amy ‘The Wonder Woman’ who missed the ride so that she could decorate the park with posters and banners and help the musicians set up. She was also helped by Mary Caldera-who along with Shawnee made two awesome posters just for this occasion. (See pics on

After settling down to a barbecue, Makena kicked off the evening’s performances which included some classic and orignal hawaiian music which inspired us to get up and dance. All the way from Hilo, Hawaii, Makena was awesome, feeding our souls with island tunes like ‘Ulupalakua’ and ‘Waikiki Hula’ It was sure nice to finish a ride in a park and be greeted by Hawaiian music. This duo has performed on MTV and around the world and it was awesome to have them kick things off! They even taught us a little about Hawaiian culture between sets.

As the evening set in we lit our bonfire and were mesmerized by Manhattan Beach’s Delfina. Although only 18 years old, and with only one year of guitar/singing behind her, you’d think she’d been playing since the day she was born. Filling up our souls with stirring original tunes like ‘April Eyes’, and ‘Ritmo Porteno’, this Argentian born rising star had us all on the edges of our rocks around the bonfire. Were it not for the fear that our shared battery powered amps might run dry, she could have performed for us all night long.

Next came The 3 Heads. Acoustic rock legends in their hometown of Eureka,CA, these four took our makeshift stage around the bonfire, and picked up on what Makena and Delfina had started. Belting out original tunes ‘Undertow’, ‘Holiday’, and their anthem ‘World Was Ours’, these guys really helped set an intimate mood around the campfire with their acoustic guitars, bass, and cajon. Their jokes between songs were even more entertaining. At one point they broke into a spur of the moment spontaneous ‘Southbay’ rap song at the end. We were even entertained to one encore performance although, we would have loved to heard them play a few more.

We finished off the night with some karaoke performances including a few from Victor and his son singing some classic Doors. It’s hard to follow up to acts like Makena, Delfina, and The 3 Heads, but we had to try, and we had fun doing it too.

Last but certainly not least, we helped benefit ‘A Window Between Worlds’, ( a local Venice,CA based group that helps abused women and children get a second chance on life by providing then with safe housing and an art healing program. We brought them canned foods, art supplies, clothing, and $20 in cash donations.

We are looking forward to the next Southbay Bicycle Music Festival. A year seems a little long to wait, so we might have this become a semi annual or possibly even quarterly event.

The Roller Derby Ride w/ the South Bay Cruisers

Posted by Wild Johnny
05/17/2008 – 16:15

The Roller Derby Ride w/The Southbay Cruisers!!!
Music, Bikes, and Roller Derby Girls-what more could you ask for?

WHO WE ARE: The Southbay Crusiers are a bicycle stereo amplified social ride based in Hermosa Beach. We bike, skate, and blade the southbay cities once a month. (Learn about us at

THE EVENT: Two of the best kept secrets in the southbay: The Southbay Cruisers and The Angel’s City Derby Girls team up for this epic night of hard hitting action on rollerskates!Several of our southbay cruises are professional roller derby girls and they have invited us to attend one of their events on May 17th, 2008-a match which features the Block Steady Crew vs the Shore Shots!

We will meet at in front of our usual meeting point in front of the Lighthouse Cafe on Hermosa Pier at 6:00PM then ride at 6:30PM sharp. We’ve mapped out a bike friendly route that will take us to our first stop at:

The Toyota Center
555 Nash Street
El Segundo,CA

where we will watch the roller derby match which starts promptly at 8:00PM. After the match we will ride to Stick N’ Stein in El Segundo where we are invited to a post match party. All ages are welcome to attend. If you are under 16 please come to the ride with a parent or guardian.

We will have at least one bike stereo pumping music along the way. After the party at Stick N Steins we will ride back to Hermosa Beach where we started from.

DRESS??-TATTOOS/Rocker attire – A small group of us went last week to see what actually happens at a roller derby game-very ecelectic crowd-families as well as rocker/tattoo decorated people. We plan on having a preride temporary tattoo party at hermosa pier before the start of the ride. COSTUMES ARE NEVER REQUIRED TO ATTEND OUR RIDES but they do make it alot more fun.

TICKETS: Are $15 at the door the day of the game. BUT as a southbay cruiser attending our ride you can buy them in advance for $11. For Southbay Cruisers discount tickets go to: type in ‘Cruisers’ in the discount code.

Details on Please email with any questions.


First Annual Southbay Bicycle Music Festival

Posted by Wild Johnny
07/19/2008 – 20:21

Impressed with the success of the first Bicycle Music Festival put on by Fossil Fool and the San Francisco Cruisers last year, the Southbay Cruisers of Hermosa Beach, CA will be hosting the First Southbay Bicycle Music Festival in Hermosa Beach,CA on July 19th, 2008.

What will happen at the Southbay Bicycle Music Festival? We will ride through the Southbay and end up at Valley Park in Hermosa Beach where we will light a bonfire, barbecue, and have various bands and solo performers perform for us. This event will also feature our own Southbay Cruisers stepping up the mic to perform Karaoke and dance.

This will be a unique opportunity for up and coming bands from Southbay Los Angeles to be given a chance to get in front of live audiences around an intimate campfire setting. It will be a blast! We will adapt the music to the surroundings playing mostly acoustic songs with battery powered amps that we will haul on our xtracycles and trailers.

Acts so far confirmed include:

Delfina – ( awesome emerging singer/songwriter. Likes to ride her bike too with her Dad.
Makena – ( Award winning hawaiian duo. They’ve performed all over the world and on MTV.
The 3 Heads ( an up and coming acoustic rock band. The bass player, Jared, often rides with the Midnight Ridazz in downtown LA.

Here is a video promoting the event featuring the song “World Was Ours” by one of our featured bands ‘The 3 Heads’…

Details on


‘Bike Around the Clock’ Fabulous 50’s Ride

Posted by Wild Johnny
02/15/2008 – 20:15
“Bike Around the Clock” Fabulous 50’s Ride – Feb 15th, 2008
w/the Southbay Cruisers

We are excited to announce this 10 – 12 mile ride over mostly flat terrain which will start and end in front of:

The Lighthouse Cafe
30 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

We will meet at 8:15PM/Ride at 8:30PM SHARP-RAIN or SHINE.

Get in touch with your inner howl, as you sing and dance to your favorite 50’s tunes with us late at night on our bike ride through the
Southbay. We will have at least one bike stereo for the ride as well as our Southbay Cruiser Karaoke set up – bring your ipods to karaoke
to your favorite songs. We encourage you to dress 50’s for this ride. Show us your late night howl- and show us your
50’s dance moves too!

For more info see our website at

Karaoke and Bonfire – One Year Anniversary Ride with the Southbay Cruisers

Posted by Wild Johnny
01/18/2008 – 18:45

Come ready to sing, dance, drum, and bicycle your way through the Southbay. We will meet in our usual place in front of:

The Lighthouse Cafe
30 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

at Hermosa Pier.

Meet at 6:45PM/Ride at 7:15PM SHARP!

We will be hosting a bonfire/karaoke/drum circle – after the ride at Valley Park In Hermosa Beach. We are in the process of getting a permit to use the park for the night. There is a small fee for us to get a permit to use this park. Therefore we are asking that those attending donate $5 or whatever they can afford to come to this event. If you can’t afford to make a donation you are still welcome to come. This will be our 1st Anniversary Celebration ride-bring acoustic instruments and drums, food to barbecue, ipods for karaoke. Skaters you are welcome to come back and join us too.

See for details.


The Pleasant Revolution comes to Hermosa Beach, CA

The Southbay Cruisers would like to extend their thanks to the following for another successful cruiser ride in Hermosa Beach,CA:

The Ginger Ninjas
Shake Your Peace

for taking time from their Pleasant Revolution Tour( to ride and perform for us! They were awesome! This was our best ride ever!

Also special thanks to Fossil Fool for creating a special rap/set list for our special Pleasant Revolution Ride. You rock!

Check out pictures of this event on If you are in the Los Angeles,CA area come check out our rides too!

Two YouTube videos capture the feeling of cruising with music

It’s hard to capture on video the feeling of a good cruiser ride, but these two come pretty close. The first video, made by ultradistance rider Paul McKensie, was used on the tourbus of Clif Bar’s excellent 2-Mile Challenge. It was shot with a handful of friends and Clif folks at my place in the Mission. It’s got a beautiful shot of Mafiosa and I cruising in front of Mona Caron’s Bikeway Mural.

The second was shot by Wild Johnny, who leads the South Bay Cruiser Ride down in Redondo Beach. This one was shot at Santa Monica Critical Mass from his Xtracycle with a backwards facing web cam. Despite the grainy video, it’s got some good, spirited footage. Check out wild dance sequences, especially the first few seconds of the video.

Although the video itself is set to some groovy rock music, all the people dancing in the video were getting their beat from John’s Soul Cycle Head Unit. There are a handful of cool testimonials about the product, including one from John.

While we’re on the subject of backwards-facing video shoots, last night I helped out a local electro pop band called The Rubies make a music video “I feel electric.” The Swedish director Mattias wanted to capture some of San Francisco’s bike culture and wanted to use bikes with the Down Low Glow.

Southbay Cruiser Ride with the Ginger Ninjas and Shake Your Peace!!

Posted by Wild Johnny
12/01/2007 – 19:01

The Southbay Cruisers of Hermosa Beach,CA excitedly await the arrival of the Ginger Ninjas and Shake Your Peace on their ‘Pleasant Revolution’ Bicycle tour to South America! They will be in Hermosa Beach for one night only on December 1st where we will cruise with them through the Southbay Cities of Los Angeles,CA(Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and Manhattan Beach) and then they will entertain us with their Carbon Free bicycle powered amps!

This special Southbay Cruiser ride will be on December 1st, 2007. We will meet at 7:00PM and ride at 7:15PM. We will start and finish our ride from our usual spot in front of the Lighthouse Cafe in Hermosa Beach,CA (30 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach,CA 90254)

For details see our website at or contact us at


Cruisin’ With the Southbay Cruisers – The Thanksgiving Bonfire Ride

Posted by Wild Johnny
11/16/2007 – 07:00

WHEN: November 16th, 2007 (Meet at 7:00PM/Ride at 7:15PM)

WHERE: Meet in front of: The Lighthouse Cafe(30 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach,CA 90254)-our usual spot.

“The Thanksgiving Bonfire Ride” will take us to Dockweiler State Beach where we will light a bonfire, sing songs, play guitars, roast hot dogs, whatever comes to mind. If you have a musical instrument that you want to play then bring it. Want to roast a hot dog over the fire – then bring one.

We will cruisin’ to our favorite tunes playin’ on the Soul Cycle bicycle stereo system, and we’ll load our wood on the xtracycle.

PLEASE BRING…some wood. The xtracycle can hold alot of wood but it would be really nice if you can bring some wood as well-even one stick or log in a backpack or bike rack would be very much appreciated. Remember, the more wood we throw on the fire, the bigger the bonfire becomes.

ALSO THIS IS A CHARITY RIDE…Please bring a canned food item to the ride. We will be donating it to the Richstone Family Center in Hawthorne ( They are a really good group that helps familys in need. A representative from their group will be there at the start of the ride to collect all the canned goods.

See to learn more about this ride and our group, or email us


Cruisin’ With the Southbay Cruisers – “The 60’s Bicycle Love Ride

Posted by Wild Johnny
09/21/2007 – 20:15


Grab your Tie Dye clothing, and hop on your bike! The Southbay Cruisers are taking a musical journey back to the grooviest and most colorful generation of all – The 1960’s! We will cruise on a 10 mile bicycle ride to Ocean scenes through the streets and neighborhoods of Redondo and Hermosa Beach,CA while we listen to some groovy tunes coming from the Soul Cycle Stereo system. Expect spontaneous singing and dancing along the way! Although not required, WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO DECORATE YOUR BIKE AND YOURSELF for the occasion.This is one ride you won’t want to miss!

WHERE: Meet in front of the Lighthouse Cafe at:

30 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach,CA 90254

(The Lighthouse Cafe is on Pier Avenue Plaza right in front of Hermosa Beach Pier.)

WHEN: September 21st, 2007 Meet at 8:15PM/Ride at 8:30PM RAIN OR SHINE!

Don’t forget to bring a light, a blinky, and your 60’s dance moves! We ride at NIGHT!

Learn about the Southbay Cruisers at or send us an email


Cruisin’ With the Southbay Cruisers – “The Creepy Cruise”

Posted by Wild Johnny
10/19/2007 – 20:15


Halloween will come a little early in Hermosa Beach,CA this year as the Southbay Cruisers head off on their 10th cruiser ride – “The Creepy Cruise” This is one ride that you will want to come in costume for! We will cruise approximately 10 miles to ocean scenes through the neighborhoods of Redondo and Hermosa to some creepy halloween cruisin’ music coming from the Soul Cycle Stereo system. Details to follow. In the mean time, don’t forget to mark your calendars:

WHEN: October 19th, 2007; Meet at 8:15PM; Ride at 8:30PM

WHERE: Meets in front of the Lighthouse Cafe:

30 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach,CA 90254

(The Lighthouse Cafe is on Pier Plaza right in front of the Hermosa Beach Pier.)

Don’t forget to bring a light, and a blinky. We ride at night!

For more info see or email us at


“The Southbay Cruiser Crazy Olympics” Ride

Posted by Wild Johnny
08/17/2007 – 20:15

The Southbay Cruiser Crazy Olympics Ride:

We are a group of recreational riders and bike commuters in Southbay Los Angeles. We’re not a pub crawl, or a gang-just a group of cruisers riding through the southbay. We host themed night rides on the third friday of each month. See our website at for details.

WHAT: Our 9 – 10 mile ride will take us through the streets and neighborhoods of Redondo and Hermosa Beach,CA. We will have at least one bicycle with a Soul Cycle bicycle stereo system to provide some groovin’ tunes along our route. Our “Crazy Olympic” theme will have us take part in some unconventional olympic games along our ride. Should be fun! Come check it out!

WHERE: We will meet in front of

The Lighthouse Cafe
30 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach,CA 90254

The Lighthouse Cafe is located on Hermosa Pier Plaza right next to Hermosa Beach Pier.

WHEN: August 17th, 2007 Meet at 8:15PM/Ride at 8:30PM-RAIN OR SHINE

QUESTIONS? Send us an email at or log onto our webpage