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Davis Cruisers

Founded by a member of the SF Cruisers, the Davis Cruisers roll together to arts and music events. Check this article in the Davis Enterprise.


Park-to-Park Ice Cream Ride Friday, June 5th, 8pm

Posted by VoodooChild

Park-to-park Ice Cream Ride

June 5th

Meet at 8:00 PM

Central Park- C and 4th St, Davis, CA

We will meet and Central Park and cruise to a few parks in town with musical accompaniment to finish up at Village Park for an ice cream social.


Whole Moon Bicycle Cruise – Saturday 05.09

Posted by VoodooChild

Starting at Central Park in Davis, CA (C and 4th St.) Join us for sunset and moon rise as we take a slow and steady cruise and end up at the WHOLE EARTH FESTIVAL.

Also happening earlier that day…

Central Park in Davis (C and 4th St.) – Join us in celebration of Bike to Market Day and browse the free gift exchange area of items from and for the community. All donations welcome!

One love!




FRIDAY 12-12 at 8PM: Full Moon Bike Ride to the RoLLeR DiScO Benefit Party for WEF

Posted by VoodooChild
11/14/2008 – 18:46

Did you know…

Not all full Moons are the same? This Friday’s is the biggest and brightest full Moon of the year! So get your ticket and put on your disco threads and come along for a rockin ride out the the Whole Earth Festival Fundraiser, Friday, 12/12…

8PM Full Moon Bicycle Cruise starting at Rainbow City (in the park close to F St and Covell) arriving at the DISC by approximately…

8:30PM RoLLeR DiScO Benefit Party for Whole Earth Festival

RoLLeR DiScO Benefit Party for Whole Earth Festival

Whole Earth Festival Benefit
Roller Disco at the DISC! (a roller disco dance party!)
Friday Dec 12! € until Midnight
At the DISC
2801 2nd Street

* Beer, Beats, CFR (a local psychedelic jazz band), Dance, Costumes, Auction! Items include a hula-hoop, crafts, a massage & a horseback-riding lesson!, Skates, Bake Sale

Pre-sale tickets at Armadillo. Tickets are $10 presale and $12 at the door, sliding scale.

One love!


Halloween with the SF Cruisers

Posted by fossilfool
10/31/2008 – 18:00

Halloween with the SF Cruisers

Meet at Justin Herman Plaza (Market and Embarcadero) at 5:30 to carve with us.

It started with a rain-check idea, since forecast is for rain Friday. But it got more and more enticing:

10:04 PM paul: Rain 70% on Friday. Not good. Monday looks great.
10:05 PM me: Wow, that’s good intel.
10:06 PM I was just about to send out a halloween invite
But maybe I’ll put the focus on Monday night
paul: Monday will be much more fun!
10:10 PM me: Hey if it’s a 70% chance of rain, then lets do a pumpkin carving or something without electronics
getting risked
mundos carry in 20 pumpkins to critical mass
10:11 PM Knives, tarps
led candles for the ride
bring out an old soul cycle for music
10:12 PM paul: awesome. Pumpkins are cheaper than Shure wireless equipment, amps and video cameras, though I could fashion a waterproof cover for the cam. Just bring a small rig.
10:15 PM me: Or use the handheld in the office with the microfrezzi light.
don’t put your gear at risk at all
I like this plan.
10:17 PM paul: Yeah, good plan.
maybe grab pumpkins in Mission early, then roll from rtb to PF abode to pick up pumpkins, then down to start of CM.


Oh boy. This year Halloween falls on a Friday, and you know that means. Halloween falls on Critical Mass. And that means it’s going to be a busy night for the SF Cruisers. We’ll be hanging with Critical Mass, trying to get a little dancing going at the plaza when it’s getting started, then break off at some point to get to the Fair Oaks and then Lexington Street Parties. Plenty of Fossil Foolin’ with special guests. So let’s make our costumes count, people! More details to come, but the basics are pretty simple. You. Us. Halloween. Live. On bikes. Street party.