Rock The Bike

Don’t get offended if your cocktail’s bike blended.

Thanks to Raul and Warren for their theatrics at this year’s Earth Hour celebration in San Francisco.

On to technical details. Note how Raul fills the pitcher about 1/3 to halfway with ice, then adds the alcohol and juices to just over the top of the ice.

Then Warren pedals for about 30 seconds to wild applause from the crowd.

Thanks, Grind for the Green!

Rock The Bike pedal powered the Grind For The Green hip hop conference this past Saturday in San Francisco.


JMellion and another rapper.


Two bikes held it down. The Choprical Fish and...


A Mundo 1000

Smoothie break at Lunch.

Speakers included M1 of Dead Prez. 




One the way back we hit the Bicycle Film Festival Street Party.

FreeWheelin lends bikes, spirit at DNC and RNC

Above, an elephant bike spotted at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, photo: jacob.scheckman


Blending smoothies at the DNC
Bike blending in the street on one of 1000 FreeWheelin’ loaner bikes.

In both Denver and Minneapolis, the bike advocacy crew FreeWheelin’ provided 1000 loaner bikes to both residents and convention goers, easing traffic and keeping bikes on the minds of convention leaders. Shown above mixing smoothies on the road using Rock the Bike’s Mini Bike Blender. Freewheelin kept track of their totals, which reached 7500 rides at the RNC.

totals of bike loaner program