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Sorry, we should have told you sooner, but we’re backordered on our two most popular items

I’m sorry, we really should have told you sooner. Both the Down Low Glow and the 6-Spd Mundo are unfortunately out of stock.

It seems that whenever I tell friends in casual conversations that we’re backordered on the Down Low Glow, they usually congratulate me as if this is somehow great news for Rock the Bike. But I wish we could get all of our current orders out tomorrow. It’s just that we are unfortunately operating on a very limited stock of our rechargeable batteries. More are on the way, but by sea.

On the plus side, a limited by-air shipment will be arriving soon. And we are aiming to fill DLG orders placed now in time for Halloween. We will even offer free shipping to those who place an order before the 14th, if you do not receive your DLG by Halloween (US only offer).



Mundo Cargo Bike

Mundos are due in early November. The Mundo has simply been selling faster than we have anticipated. We’re fortunate that more Mundos are already on a boat approaching the Panama Canal, but we’re unfortunate that only 75 are on that boat. If you want one before Spring 2009, please order soon so that we can hold yours.

With such critical, mainline items out of stock, you may be wondering, what’s in stock?

Single speed Mundo

The bright red “Ziegelrot” single-speed Mundo. Perfect for flatter terrains. Simple, strong, fun to ride, cheerful. We also have cool upgrades that fit the bright red Single Speed Mundo perfectly, like the yellow and red “Hazarea” Sweetskinz tires seen on our shop Mundo.

For Bay Area folks, please come to our Berkeley Workshop to test-ride and purchase fully-built Single Speed Mundos.

Bike Blenders. Both Fender Blender X and Fender Blender Universale (FBU, formerly B3 Mini) are in stock and shipping. Bike Blenders bring people together around bikes and fruit. What could be better? A great tool for growing the bike movement, teaching kids about healthy eating, and drawing a crowd at festivals.

Xtracycle FreeRadicals (and expert installations for Bay Area folks).






The Soul Cycle “In The Pocket” Head Unit. Our simplest Mobile Audio System.







And other good stuff like Righteous Kickstands, Incredibells, Sweetskinz, all good stuff.

We are hustling to get the Down Low Glow and Mundo 6-Speeds back in stock. We’ll keep you up to date.

When will my credit card be charged? Orders placed online will have their cards charged at the time of purchase. Orders placed over the phone will have their cards charged within a few days of shipping.