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Pedal Powered Stage at Earth Hour SF Downtown gathering

Posted by fossilfool
03/28/2009 – 19:00 – 22:00

Come on down to Market Bar at the Ferry Building this Saturday Night and be part of the celebration of Earth Hour 2009. Rock The Bike will be setting up the Pedal Powered Stage and hooking up Justin AnchetaGuella, and Fossil Fool with some good clean pedal power.  Other highlights include the Sustainable Living Road Show, and hopefully a flatland BMX performance by Pete Brandt (video). Lineup below.

It’s Earth Hour, people! Don’t forget to turn off all the lights in your home before heading out to catch the music. Also remember to unplug those pesky chargers and wall adapters for devices you only occasionally use. Earth Hour this year could reach a fifth of the planet. Check out the participation map on their site. It’s your choice whether to power down and chill in your neighborhood, or head out to join us at the Ferry Building, where you’ll see many of San Francisco’s landmark buildings turn their lights out, groove to Justin, Guella, and the Bike Rapper, and help us to pedal power two hours of local live music!

Learn more about Earth Hour 2009 in this City Hall news conference:



7:00 — Pete Brandt sunset Flatland performance

7:30 — Guella

8:30 — Justin Ancheta

9:30 — Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper