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Complete contents of the Soul Cycle Head Unit

The Soul Cycle Head Unit comes with four parts:

  1. Head Unit, containing an internal 30-watt amplifier and internal rechargeable battery.
  2. KlickFix handlebar mounting system (includes all necessary mounting hardware. Please specify if using oversized handlebars.)
  3. Trickle charger (Fast Charger is available as a $60 upgrade)
  4. Wiring harness, connects your bookshelf speakers or custom speaker enclosure to the Head Unit with a twist-lock connector.
  5. Audio connector (has headphones plug on both sides. Connects iPod or MP3 player to Head Unit
  6. Adhesive-backed Velcro strips, to give extra non-slip security for your iPod or MP3 player while cruising.

No speakers are included with your Head Unit. If you want Rock the Bike to create a custom speaker box for your bike that will sound great with your Head Unit, please call us at 888-354-BIKE. Otherwise, you can use household bookshelf speakers, or automotive 6×9 speakers. An Xtracycle Sport Utility Bike is the perfect way to carry these around on your bike.