Rock The Bike

In The Pocket Head Unit


The In-The-Pocket Head Unit is the brains and brawn of your cruising experience. Inside this small, handcrafted, dovetail joined wooden box is a 30 watt digital amplifier and a rechargeable battery good for 5-10 hours of cruising.

The Soul Cycle makes it so easy to go cruising, you can literally be out doing it the first night you receive your order. From the moment you get the inspiration to cruise, you can have your speakers and the head unit set up in five minutes or less. The Soul Cycle Head Unit mounts positively to your handlebars using the German-engineered KlickFix system. It’s a one-button release, so when it’s time to roll into a restaurant, you can take the head unit with you. Similarly the output cord on the head unit uses a twist-lock connector, making it easy to attach and undo.

30 watts may not sound like a lot when compared to 1000-watt Car Audio subwoofer amplifiers. But that’s the great thing about bicycle audio. On a bike there’s no engine noise to compete with, and the wind noise is also greatly reduced. Another thing to keep in mind when comparing wattage numbers is that audio power is measured exponentially, so a 1000-watt amplifier only plays music about 2.5 times louder than a 30-watt amp. In practice, the Soul Cycle Head Unit is big enough to deliver a satisfying bass thump on dance music, and get 5 or 10 of your friends singing along to David Bowie, Aretha, Pavorotti, or whatever music you like to cruise to.

This Head Unit has no speakers and therefore doesn’t make any sound on it’s own. It contains an amplifier and a built-in rechargeable battery. You simply pair the Head Unit with household or car audio speakers of any size, from bookshelf speakers to tall party speakers. The Xtracycle Sport Utility Bike helps with carrying the latter category.

If you’re trying to make your party bike as sleek as possible, you may want to consider one of our custom speaker enclosures. They’ll fit perfectly on your rack or seatpost, make your setup time even lower than with bookshelf speakers, and turn your everyday transportation bike into a party bike.