Rock The Bike

Rock The Bike at your school

Nobody rocks Pedal Power like Rock The Bike.

We love getting involved with high schools and universities in the Bay Area. Working directly with kids is such an awesome way to make an impact on our future.

Here are some examples of ways we can make an impact in a school:

– Bringing a Pedal Power demonstration to a school, such as a bike blender, the ice cream bike, or pedal powered spin art. This can happen on its own or in conjunction with a schoolwide event such as Earth Day.
– Pedal powering a school assembly on Pedal Power Science.
– Pedal Powering a school dance, or hosting a performance of Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper.

Above: Students K-12 attend a Pedal Power Assembly with Rock the Bike and Shake Your Peace!

When we get to a school, we try to connect with students as soon as we roll up (often on our cargo bikes.) Our funky bikes and impressive load-hauling skills are a great way to break the ice with students. We try to get kids involved, even if it’s just holding a door open. As we move our bikes through the hallways to the auditorium or classroom where we’re working, we answer questions about bikes and play a couple good songs (at moderate levels). This is our chance to get out of our workshop and meet some young people in the community, so we enjoy the challenge of breaking through to individual students, even those we pass in the hallway.

Above: Students at UCLA Pedal Powered the sound system for Ecochella.


A Rock The Bike Pedal Powered assembly or workshop can include a science lesson on the fundamentals of Pedal Power:

  • Body position and efficient pedaling
  • DC – AC power conversion
  • Efficient devices (large speakers versus small)
  • Increased power consumption of bass heavy music versus public speaking
  • Wiring and design of Pedal Powered Stage systems
  • Power Consumption: Compact Fluorescent vs. Incandescent light bulbs (the Light Bike)

Here are some of the schools we’ve worked with.

  • Urban School (school dance)
  • ISA academy (guest speaker, song writing class)
  • Lincoln High School, through the ESLI program (create Pedal Powered Assembly, Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper)
  • 5 Keys Charter School (Guest speaker, Environmental education class)
  • Mission High (Pedal Powered their Green Prom through the ESLI program)
  • International High School of San Francisco (Pedal Powered Global Warming assembly)
  • Berkeley High School (Fender Blender demonstration and physics session)
  • CCA (Fender Blender demo and Pedal Power talk)
  • University of Oregon (Willamette Valley Music Festival)
  • Richmond College Prep 
  • Black Pine Circle School (Pedal Power Assembly with bike blending and sorbet)
  • UCLA’s Ecochella (Pedal Powered Concert)

Above: Students from The Urban School at a winter dance pedal powered by Rock The Bike.

pedal powering a prom for Mission High School
Above: Mission High School student pedal powering their Green Prom.

Above: Students take turns Pedal Powering an assembly at Head-Royce School.

Above: Two high school students power loudspeakers and a subwoofer.

Above: Free Food, a student band, performs at UCLA’s Ecochella

Also, please note that a few of our products are perfect for schools, most notably the Fender Blender Universale.

To begin planning Rock the Bike at your school, please answer these questions and email us your responses. Also, check out more Pedal Powered Activities that you can rent for your event.