Rock The Bike

Pedal Powered Lighting Testimonials

“It was a pleasure working with Rock The Bike!  You and your team were total pros and we were so happy to have you involved in our little experiment.  Definitely couldn’t have done it without you.”
New Creatures, part of the Chobani Yogurt Olympic Experience shoot

“We loved everything you did for our Olympic exercise experience. Thank you so much for all of the hard work.”
– Ted, Chobani

“I’m a meeting planner. I’ve hired RTB twice, once for our holiday party and once for our picnic. Both times, they rocked! Plus, how green can you get? They even take mass transit to get to the site. For the holiday party they set up strings of LEDs throughout our courtyard. The person riding the bicycle would get rewarded for pedaling harder: more strings of lights would appear, culminating in a large mural at the far end of the courtyard! This was very popular! For the picnic, which had a “farm to table” theme, RTB brought their bicycle-powered ice cream maker and blender. The attendees had fun making their own ice cream and smoothies all day.”
– Tom McCarter, David and Lucile Packard Foundation