Rock The Bike

Interactive Pedal Powered Lighting Rigs

Let us bring our years of experience with Pedal Powered lighting to craft something special for your event. For fun or education (or both), the possibilities are endless!

The latest example of our interactive lighting for New York Power Authority at the 2019 State Fair:

Custom interactive lighting for Chobani Yogurt Olympic Experience:

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The sLEDgehammer

The sLEDgehammer, an interactive Pedal Powered lighting rig. More LEDs light up when you pedal harder, converting your peak power output on an efficient bicycle generator to beautiful light. Click here to watch the video!

The sLEDgehammer’s display can be customized for your event, like a courtyard installation (above).


More Light Displays

Above: Illuminated sign for Tourism Vancouver. Powered by a Generator Pro and the What Watt?! system, which tells you exactly how much energy you are creating as you pedal. (If you are interested in ordering a What Watt?! or finding out more about it, call us!)

Above: Lines of light come from the generator bike, extending further (up to 300 feet) the harder you pedal.

Above: More lines of light on our 18′ tall Bamboo Tripod.

Above: Pedal Powered Stage LED lighting: 1 pedaler per panel.

Above: The large light-up Wattage Display shows the instantaneous power use of our Pedal Powered Stage. It averages readings to show you the power use over the last 5 seconds.

Above: the pedaler gets illuminated in this “Dance With Lance” challenge, in which riders go head to head with a powerful sound system. Each rider takes a turn pouring their all into the sound system while a DJ keeps great music going. The crowd roots on the pedalers, who last as long as they can.

The Light Bike
Above: Sir Richard Branson pedaling the Light Bike comparison station at the Virgin Mobile Festival in Baltimore, 2008.
Switching back and forth allows the pedaler to feel the energy savings of CCFL bulbs over traditional incandescent bulbs.

Soul Cycles

We have integrated Pedal Powered Lighting into several of our custom Soul Cycle rigs, including El Arbol, the Bike Tree:

The Blue Whale:


If you’re looking for applications to use Pedal Power, there are two main types: Mechanical and Electrical.

Mechanical applications generally have the advantage of being simpler, cheaper, and with simpler maintenance. They include Bike Blending and Spin Art.

Electrical applications are more limitless. The options include, but are not limited to, audio amplifiers, AC Power, and light.