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Off The Wall Pro

Stable, sleek all-ages Pro frame with an AC electricity generating wheel!

  • Feel the power flowing from your body into your favorite devices
  • No additional circuitry required: just plug and pedal
  • Brushless generator for maintenance-free operation
  • Easy to setup – all tools included
  • 300W continuous with 500W peak (pedaler dependent)
  • Comparator Display Upgrade features: 
    • Handlebar-mounted or tabletop operation
    • Two switched outlets for easy, educational comparison of electrical device loads. E.g.: LED bulbs vs Incandescent!  
    • Real-time display of voltage, power, and energy

For a limited time, we are offering a free Here We Glow light with the purchase of an Off the Wall Pro.


Branding Options:

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Frequently Bought With...

USB Charging Brick

SKU: OTW-PRO Category:

Great for charging and powering. Handy in a power outage. Directly charges phones and laptops so you can coordinate with loved ones.  Also great for getting your kids exercising, teaching energy efficiency in an interactive way, or supporting small off-grid sound systems. Complete with a protection circuit or upgrade to an informative comparator display.


In the box:



Tested speakers that work with the OTW Pro:

DRM215 15 inch powered speaker 

Electro-Voice CLX 12 inch powered speaker

QSC K12.1

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