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Kickback Stand–Xtracycle Compatible Center Stand

Kickback Stand — Xtracycle-compatible center stand

Finally, a center stand for the Xtracycle platform that’s stable enough to permit sideloading  your FreeLoader bags.

It’s 24 cm wide, wide enough to load medium-weight boxes and loads on one side of your rig.

This Kickback stand is compatible with the Xtracycle FreeRadical, Radish, Fender Blender X, and EdgeRunner, and also with the Surly Big Dummy.

The one drawback of the Kickback Stand is that to use Footsies at the same time, the Footsies must be modified.  That being said, you may find you don’t need the Footsies since your passengers will have a ‘peg’ that extends from the side of the Kickback upon which to rest their feet.