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Six Great Down Low Glow colors to choose from

No problem matching the DLG to your bike. We have six awesome, superbright DLG colors to choose from. But don’t just pick the one that’s closest in hue to your two wheeled thing. Each color has its own mood, its own feeling. They’ll all keep you safe, but each color sends out a different energy.

We’ll try to run down the colors to help you choose.

Ice Blue Down Low Glow bicycle lights. Ice Blue: Our most popular color. Very cool, confident, kind of playful. Stealthy. A bit intimidating.
Envy Green: Think space aliens landing in UFOs in 1950’s B Movies. The mothership has landed. Some say this is our brightest DLG color, and it certainly pops out against the asphalt jungle. As the name implies, it inspires envy on night rides.
Plush Red Down Low Glow bicycle lights Plush Red: Intimate, suave, bold. Think crushed velvet ropes. Plush definitely helps you work it on a bike date. Also extremely eye catching.
Fossilized Amber: A rosy tinge and a lot of orange go into our Fossilized Amber. If you’re into sunsets and sunrises, you’ll love this color. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also street legal. Some states have laws prohibiting certain colors on the side of a vehicle, but amber is always allowed. In practical, daily use, police officers do not bother Down Low Glow customers, because they respect bicyclists who take safety seriously. But if you’re the type of cyclist who likes to stick to the letter of the law, you’ll appreciate our Fossilized Amber. And from a safety standpoint, it’s even a hair brighter than our plush red because of its light colored filter.


Hot Pants Pink Down Low Glow bicycle lights. Hot Pants Pink: A superbright color for the pink fanatics out there. Work it girl!
Royale Purple Down Low Glow bicycle lights Royale Purple: Some people are purple people. And for them, everything must be purple, including their bike lights. Note, this color is a subtle step down in brightness from other DLG colors, because purple is a darker hue than blue and green. So if safety is your primary goal, consider picking another color, or compliment your DLG system with some blinkies.