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Pedal Power Stage Testimonials

Read what our customers have to say about our Pedal Powered Stages:

Association of Small Foundations Annual Gathering

I work with many performers throughout the country and all of you made this so easy for us. Your attention to detail, your timeliness and your incredible organization on site at the hotel made this a breeze for me and my team.
The performance was amazing. I personally enjoyed Cello Joe so much and as I watched the audience I could see them respond and react to the performance. And the afternoon break with Genie was so lively and fun–the participants really loved the energy it brought to their day.

One Bike One Speaker Generates a Buzz on Twitter

There’s no better promotion for an event than your attendees tweeting its hashtag all over the Twittersphere. Check out what some people had to say about Rock the Bike’s one bike performance with Cello Joe and the Genie:

Berkeley Bike Fair: September 9th, 2011

Paul —

Thank YOU! Rock the Bike brought such great energy to the event. I’m so glad that you’re local to Berkeley and the Bay Area, for the entire bike community’s sake.

I’m going to bat to make Campus Bike Day happen again. I won’t be the lead on it (graduating this spring) but I hope that the group is able to bring RTB again.


School Fundraiser: October 4, 2009

Hi Paul,

It really was a great event, and I have to tell you that it would not have been nearly as wonderful without you, your awesome team and your set up. Not many people live their creed like you do. It is a great example for all of us.

Here’s just one of many notes I’ve gotten from those who attended expressing their heartfelt, exuberant sentiments: “…the pedal-power, though, was the trump. It really gave the gathering a lovely energy. From a messed up piece of concrete to a place with so much going on – it was a transformation to be proud of.”

Looking forward to seeing you in action again soon. Maybe I’ll have time to relax a little, dance and pedal along too.

Warm regards from all of us,