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V3 Mundo Cargo Bike

Get that ‘useful’ feeling.

The Mundo is a long-wheelbase bike with a stout welded cargo rack. Its one-piece frame fits a wide variety of riders, from approximately 5′ to over 6′. The slack seat angle and upright bars put you in a relaxed, upright position in traffic.

The steel chassis and Side Loader racks offer a unique loading experience. Pass a steel-buckled cam strap through the four strap guides, or anywhere else through the frame, and you access the core strength. Carrying rigid shapes like amps, speakers, crates, boxes, is extremely surefooted. No appreciable frame flex even for 100-200 pound loads. (The Mundo is rated to 450lbs). Use the threaded customization points to mount your custom project.

All v3 Mundos come with a one-size-fits-many frame, Shimano drivetrain, sealed bearing wheelset, wide side kickstand, legendary stiff ride quality. Adjustable stem. Fenders. Recycle plastic top deck. Most customers will also want to pick up one or two GoGetter bags, and some cam straps.

Assembly involves installing the Side Loader cargo rack, the top deck, the front wheel and the pedals, straightening handlebars, and giving the bike a full tune up. Rock the Bike can also assist you in assembling your cargo bike.
Boris giving the kids a ride around the block.

The long wheelbase and predictable handling make the Mundo an ideal bike for towing a trailer. Above: getting gear home from a Rock The Bike event on the Biker Bar.

The Mundo’s designers have spec’ed quality wheels, including a 48-spoke sealed-bearing rear wheel with oversized axle. When you start carrying passengers and heavy loads on a long-wheelbase bicycle, you’ll quickly come to appreciate the value of a strong rear wheel. The Mundo comes with oversized semi-slick city tires, providing a stable, smooth ride.

See what a Mundo can do! View the Mundo Cargo Bike Photo Gallery

We encourage our customers to shop around and investigate their options for utility bicycles. The Mundo stands out by offering exceptional value, simplicity, and amazing ride quality.

Status: in stock
Rentable: no
Price: $1,099