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Jay Broemmel stuns art bike world with the Dragon Bike

Jay Broemmel's Dragon Bike

Jay’s only been riding the new dragon bike for a few days now, and I had the pleasure of cruising with him last night as we dropped off some homemade apple pie (a la mode, of course) from our pot luck dinner to a friend who was tending bar at the Lone Palm on the other side of the Mission.

The Dragon bike is one of three art bikes that will be on display at the Dec. 14th Bike Culture Night at The Rev.

What I love about Jay’s art bikes is the degree to which he throws the rules out the window and follows his own direction.

The red paint job on the new dragon is still pristine and glossy. The Sweetskinz tires still have the little furry rubber hairs everywhere.

Jay is the second frame builder / customizer to my knowledge who has modified a frame for the Down Low Glow.

Down Low Glow neon tube installed in Dragon Bike frame.

The Dragon Bike also has a couple of very trick mechanical features. The eyes (which are blue LED headlights) move left and right when the handlebars move (click the You Tube video to see). And the jaw bites when you squeeze the left brake.

Jay was also careful to follow Chinese tradition — the Dragon holds a pearl in its left claw.



Jay Broemmel standing next to Dragon Bike


See more close up images and video on the Dragon Bike.