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Have welder, will travel: Mike Cobb’s mobile welding rig

ike Cobb came up with a trailer-based mobile welding setup that allows him to bike anywhere in the Portland area, and repair anything from a bicycle frame to, well, a broken spatula.

Mike's mobile welding setup

The setup includes a thick wool sweater, welding hood,  lightweight inverter-based welder, angle grinder, and various other tools. Alas it requires plugging into AC current, but at least it doesn’t require 220-volt current.

He’s learned to weld without a workbench, which requires modifying his technique to use his right elbow to work the amperage contol pedal. He also rolls with a padded cordura nylon ground mat and kneepads.

The welder is protected against rain by a stretch rain cover that hugs the rails of the Blue Sky Cycle Cart. The folding Bike Friday can be packed into the trailer, and hoisted onto an AMTRAK train without a surcharge.

Check out the full web album or contact Mike through Rock the Bike.