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Every Xtracycle customer gets a quick and dirty body position analysis

When you start carrying heavy loads on your bicycle, things like seat height, seat angle, and handlebar height make more of an impact on your comfort, enjoyment, and power.

After 12 years building up bikes, reading guidebooks, and comparing notes with professional bicycle fit experts like Curtis Cramblett, we’ve got the basics down. We are not physical therapists or bike coaches, but you probably don’t need a professional fitting right off the bat. What you need is to get your bike to a safe, comfortable position, and then try it out for a while and listen to what your body tells you.

In about 5-10 minutes of fitting, we can get a customer 80% of the way to an ideal fit, and prevent most serious problems like knee pain.

This service is available for free as part of our standard installation, and is only available to our customers in the Bay Area.