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Cool email from Tokyo

I was double-checking the address for a customer named John from Tokyo. I asked him how he heard about the Down Low Glow:

Hi Paul,

I’m a BMX street rider in Tokyo (from SF/ Bush St) and last night I was nearly run down (GTA style) by a Taxi. Same story different town, right? Well I knew that my lame head set light wasn’t cutting the job, so I had to find something that would really work and look cool too. After about an hour of searching the net, I found your photos on Man, once I saw your product and the cool photos I was 100 percent sold. And duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, I can’t wait to hook up my lights and cruze the streets like Night Rider. I bet I’ll get lots of inquires about the lights too, so if you want some business coming from the East could you send in some stickers or something that I can pass out? You know if you have the time.

Thanks again man and all the best,