Rock The Bike

Bike Blender Impacts Communities with New Perspective on Healthy Eating

My name is Jeremi, I am the Family Market Coordinator at the Capital Area Food Bank located in Washington, DC. My role at the food bank is to help supply food to schools that are in high-need, and under-served areas around the DC, MD, and VA regions. I really enjoy what I do, especially knowing that a hungry child may have an extra meal or two because of the generous donations of others.

One thing we are trying to implement this year into the program is educating those we serve in areas of nutrition, and healthy eating. A fun way to help teach students and families about these topics is with our brand new Rock the Bike Smoothie Blender, also known as “Green Machine” or “Sweet Pea” because of the vibrant color! The bike will travel with me to several of my school sites, that host these emergency food pantries, periodically throughout the year and will be used as an educational tool as well as an exciting way to engage the students and the families. That is me in the picture below powering a smoothie for our regular food pantry agencies that wake up early in the morning to come pick up food from us to distribute to the community throughout the day. What better way to start the morning, right? We are very excited about our new toy that will have an impact on our communities perspective on eating healthy! Thank you!Capital Area Food Bank

Above: Jeremi bike blending on Sweet Pea with the Fender Blender Universale Stationary Kit. Sweet Pea was donated to the Capital Area Food Bank by The Bike Lane in Springfield, Virginia.